We Heart Record Store Day: Kevin California


Kevin California:

Nothing can replace the experience of unpackaging a new album, reading the lyrics, exploring the credits and feeling the emotion of the album.  An album speaks to an audience in ways the artist intended to.  Alongside going to a live show, experiencing the story of a record is the purest form of musical language.” -Kevin California

Stand Up And Say No featured on Anti Music


Stand Up And Say No featured on Anti Music

Today Stand Up And Say No mastermind Andre Nault tells us about the project’s debut single “Can You Feel” which comes from their forthcoming EP Assuming Loyal (out May 6th). Here is the story:

“My wife and I were driving back from a well-deserved romantic weekend in Quebec city. We usually work on the back story for my songs together. It’s probably because I get so involved in the music that I need her help to see what images the song brings to mind. It’s also great fun when you have a 5 hour drive.

The images she had where of a plane or bird mostly because of the bridge section; it has a taking off feel to it. I on the other hand was thinking of the Flaming Lips “Race for the prize“, that happy sad vibe… We debated and argued and finally we came up with this image of this man atop a skyscraper looking down at the streets below and noticing that people where living their lives unaffected by his own.

A few days later I sat down and wrote the lyrics keeping those images in mind. What surfaced was a lyric about a man who’s tired of climbing the greasy pole and who’s success came at great expense. He’s basically having some sort of breakdown.

The chorus “Can you feel what I feel, can you tell what’s real”, for me, sums up the hole vibe of the back story. I’ve always strived not to become that man; to be creative and not competitive. Honestly, it doesn’t always work out.”

See it HERE.

Congratulations to The Wyld.


The Musebox is thrilled to announce another MuseBox Development Success.

After launching The Wyld to the world in August 2013, The MuseBox is happy
to announce that the band have just signed a deal with Columbia Records.
Congratulations to The Wyld and manager extraordinaire Michelle Bakker!

Read all about it here;

We Heart Record Store Day: Joe Moorhead


Joe Moorhead:

When we are on tour, my favorite thing to do is find the local record store in each town we play.  I have built a pretty stellar vinyl collection over the years due to all of our travelling.  When we are home, each album I listen to reminds me of a city, a place, a show, that record store and great memories.  Music can transport your mind to places on it’s own but when you can pair it with actual memories of places and events it creates a whole new feeling.  I cherish each record in my collection not only for the music it holds but for the memories they give.  Records have become my version of scrap booking my life’s events.  -Joe Moorhead