Monthly Archives: November 2008

The Homosexuals Stand Tall

Bruno Wizard

The Homosexuals invaded the Cake Shop on Saturday night and turned their musical guns to the heads of a crowd with no option but to surrender to the Wizard power.

A refreshing change to see a punk show with enough political fire power you will actually start believing in punk rock again. Tartan? What’s that? And as if Bruno’s aim couldn’t kill, the final blow came from the guest appearance of Aj and Boshra from Looker. All in all one very hot, sweaty and politically charged evening of mayhem and near death experience. “If I die tonight, don’t be sad for me.” Bruno Wizard.



If you didn’t get a chance to see Patrick Krief of The Dears with his new band Black Diamond Bay, then you should probably go ahead and kick yourself really hard.

On their recent visit to New York, Black Diamond Bay delivered three incredible, highly energetic, rock your socks of like Woodstock live sets much to the pleasure of their fans…here are the pictures to prove it. Patrick Krief is not just one of the most talented musicians on the face of the earth, he also oozes so much charisma you will want to take a bottle to see if you can catch some of the magic.

The Sun shows some love for our CDN friends, The High Dials!

High Dials review

More good news for High Dials fans…

This time, their CD 'Moon Country' has been given a solid review by The Sun (a national CDN newspaper, for all of our friends south of the border). The review will be in every Sun newspaper in the country along with its sister publication, 24Hrs.

Grab one and check out the review, it'll be on newsstands this week!