Monthly Archives: March 2011

Tiny Animals Video on Mevio!

Tiny Animals have been winning over audiences across the country with their unapologetically hooky brand of rock music, that even left American Songwriter “head over heels in love” after their Bonnaroo performance! Check out the video and see what all the buzz is about!

Zoobombs Drop New Album!


“Essentially, it’s the band The Stones would be if they’d been forged in the post-punk era” – MTV Iggy

Japanese psych-garage rockers Zoobombs release their new album, La Vie En Jupon! These rock pioneers are garnering heaps of praise from major media outlets and industry personalities across the globe for their unique blend of psychedelic funk rock. The New York Times even featured their previous album as a masterpiece of the “Japanese Next Wave” rock movement. This album is a must have, follow the links below to scoop the new album!

La Vie En Jupon on iTUNES
La Vie En Jupon on AMAZON