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CMJ 2011

Coming back to the city this October, NY welcomes CMJ once more.

Early-bird tickets are running short, head over to the CMJ website to find out more.

The R.G.Morrison


The MuseBox’s SXSW and CMW promotional and industry outreach campaign for The R.G. Morrison focused majorly on unreleased content, (Introducing Diamond Valley video and single) and around the full-length album, Farewell My Lovely. This campaign saw success predominantly in the online world, securing coverage for high-profile outlets such as,, The Vinyl District and The MuseBox estimates over 2million impressions generated for the band through our outreach.

The MuseBox’s main goal was to generate pre-tour and in market awareness amongst music fans around CMW and SXSW, as well as reach out to key industry to secure additional showcases, generate interest around the record and general industry awareness.

In order to gain awareness for the SXSW and CMW appearances we sent out a series of press releases and electronic servicing of specific and segmented editorial targets, announcing all Canadian and North American tour dates and generating coverage for specific showcases.

Additionally, the MuseBox lent consultation and support when VISAs were not executed in time. 3 guitars were hired and transported to Texas on behalf of the band. (Apologies for not sorting out straps and drumsticks). Full industry mailouts were also done in the lead up to both festivals. In Canada, a downloadable mixtape was produced using SoundCloud, and published widely amongst media and industry.

Throughout this campaign, The MuseBox was able to successfully increase The RG Morrison’s online presence in North America, as highlighted in organic Google Search results in this territory. Aside from Myspace, Tumblr, Youtube (and Pitchfork), all results on the first page were generated as a result of the MuseBox’s efforts., Panic Manual, MV Remix and Music Under Fire being the top results. We are grateful for the opportunity to have worked with such a talented artist in Rupert, and to have met the rest of the band that were able to make it to SXSW, and are looking forward to doing so again in the near future.

There is ample competition at these festivals, however we are very happy to see the impact we were able to generate with you and on behalf of the RG Morrison. We hope your goals were achieved, the seeds planted, and we look forward to working with you through a follow-up campaign.

MEDIA HIGHLIGHTS is one of the largest music TV channels in Canada, and known for the quality of content it produces since it doesn’t wholly stick to broadcasting only ‘popular’ music. Getting coverage across both platforms, television and online with the ‘Introducing Diamond Valley’ video has begun to lay some solid foundations for future Canadian endeavours. Coupled with the Spinner interview (which was syndicated widely, increasing it’s overall number of impressions and value); and the additional content created on the ground in Toronto at TIFEM with the Live In Bellwoods crew, and for Heartstrings TV (will be published in May) made this stop invaluable.

Seeds were also sewn across North America with some new advocates in the Vinyl District, who are the official Record Store Day blog for 2011. Follow ups are still ongoing for coverage with the UK editorial team. Music Under Fire were also big fans of the music, offering a track for download. Austin’s biggest event calendar also featured an artist profile during the event, along with Altsounds who featured the entire tour details on the site.

See following for key highlights from the campaign:

AUX TV – Video Premiere *Online
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• Bloodshot Records – “Our showcase is Sat night too, we have 7 bands playing, so I’ll be stuck there from 6pm-2:30am. Also, we can only afford to work with bands touring in the US over 90 dates per year.”
• Waterloo Records – Thanks, but now fully booked
• The Yard Dog - Thanks for thinking of Yard Dog & writing but our plans & booking are all done.
• Barsuk – “Thanks for contacting, we’ll let you know if we can attend.”
• Six Shooter Records – How nice of you to get in touch. We are not doing the Hootenanny this year, however. We don’t have as many artists going this year, so we decided to change it up.
• Billboard – Interested in concept of musician ‘digesting the interactive component’, but lacked time
• Arts & Crafts – invited out to Toronto showcase
• Spencer (Rough Trade/RSD) – No response
• Alex Hannaford – Thanks for the email but I don’t really write about music any more.

• CMW – The Bread & Circus
• CMW – Live Near Bellwoods, TIFEM Showcase
• CMW – Industry Mixer DJ Set
• SXSW – The Velveeta Room
• SXSW – Chupacabra Cantina/ The Couch Professor Presents….
• SXSW – The MuseBox & Deli Mag Showcase, Lipstick 24


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