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Max Burgundy: Featured Artist at the Canadian Music Fest 2012!

Max Burgundy has been named as a Featured Artist at the 2012 Canadian Music Festival! Not surprising, since they say “American music has been in a post-punk state for years – Max Burgundy is ready to lead the nostalgia parade to the starting line of post-hip hop America. Hailing from the Bronx, the genre’s birthplace – but currently residing in Brooklyn, home to the new arts movement in NYC – who better to do so than someone who has been down since its inception?” Read more about Max and other featured artists HERE, and be sure to purchase your tickets for this great event – you’ll get the opportunity to see over 900 artists at 60 venues for five days!

Edward Rogers – “Porcelain” OUT NOW!

“Edward Rogers’ Porcelain Hits Hard and Pure…his hardest-rocking effort so far, and not only is it his best, it’s also one of the best straight-up rock records of the last couple of years” — NY Music Daily

“Without a doubt one of the most delightful surprises to land on the BLURT office stereo of late has been Porcelain by UK-born, NYC-based songwriter and classic pop maven Edward Rogers.” — Blurt Online


Buy Edward Rogers’ 4th Album on iTunes HERE!

Of the album, Altsounds says “This unique assortment of disparate talents come together to bring Edward Rogers’ creative vision to vibrant musical life on Porcelain, adding another dynamic chapter to an already impressive body of work. Representing somewhat of a departure in style – both musically and lyrically – Porcelain reveals Rogers’ edgier side (‘The Biba Crowd,’ ‘Separate Walls,’ ‘Diamond Amour’), with echoes of the softer side shown on his past recordings (‘Nothing Too Clever,’ ‘Tears Left In The Bottle,’ The Silent Singer’).”

Read the rest of the great review and watch the video for the new tune “The Biba Crowd,” HERE


American Audiences Take Note: Alphabet Backwards Make Their Debut November 28th!


They’ve seen a great deal of success in their native U.K., but the five-piece band is now preparing to release their EP “British Explorer,” to U.S. audiences. Of Alphabet Backwards, Kick Kick Snare says:

“Alphabet Backwards is the lighthearted five piece band hailing from Oxford, England that has already been filling the ears of the United Kingdom with brilliantly crafted summery pop. Happy-go-lucky and hook laden with perfectly crisp vocals, the sound Alphabet Backwards creates is irresistible and smile inducing. Even when the lyrics brush with the melancholy the music, driven by enthusiastic organic sounds and the perfect smattering of synths, keeps you feeling incredibly upbeat.”

Read the rest of the article / stream and download their track “Plastic” HERE


Read another great article / watch their video for “Elton John” HERE