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Cosmic Suckerpunch Earns a Stellar Review on MySpoonful













Why should you listen to them? Read on…

“When your band is called Cosmic Suckerpunch, you had better be prepared to back that name up with some pounding, stellar rock and roll. Good thing songwriter Ari Welkom and company deliver on spacey licks and heady songs, rooted in blues and funk, and indebted to imaginative fantasy rock music in the spirit of Led Zeppelin. With a driving rhythm, Cosmic Suckerpunch has invaded the L.A. scene, and with their self-released debut, Good Morning, the band plans on waking up the rest of us with a primal scream.”

Learn tons more about the band and catch a live video HERE. You’re sure to hear lots about Cosmic Suckerpunch in the weeks to come, so get to know their stuff early!

Leeds Music Scene Reviews Team Me

“The first full-length release is a lavish shrub of mountainous, motorway-music; pumped full of jaunty exuberance. The record bares its teeth at times, brandishing frolicsome breakdowns towards the end of the longer tracks. The LP is a warming excavation of uplifting complexity, with the odd steely tangent – scything into the weirdly, wonderful unknown.

Read the rest about Team Me’s irresistably fun and energetic album “To the Treetops!” HERE.

“The Last Werewolf” Makes NPR’s Top 5 Concept Albums of 2011

What a great honor!

“Full of carefully sketched scenes, complete with sound effects, Coates’ best work creates a clear sense of narrative. The Last Werewolf is perhaps his most literary creation — not surprising, considering it was written as a companion piece to the novel of the same name by Glen Duncan (both novel and CD were released on the same day). But, while the story of the werewolf unfolds in a series of suggestive vignettes alternating with full-on songs, the music is adrift in time: Noel Coward meets Aphex Twin while opiated waltzes play in a darkened parlor. Brassy jazz-age horns rub elbows with electronics and distorted guitars. And the hoary conventions of pop songs are turned on their heads”

Read the rest of the article and check out the other great albums, including those by The Roots, PJ Harvey, and Kate Bush HERE