Monthly Archives: January 2012

The Neighbourhood Premiere on NME!

The Neighbourhood is an exciting brand new band from Newbury Park, California. Already making a splash, their first video has just premiered on NME! It’s got a really cool visual style comprised of old black and white movie footage to accompany the amazing single. Great things are in store for this band, whose debut EP comes out this Spring. Get your first taste of The Neighbourhood today – you’re bound to start hearing a lot about them.

WAZU’s Brand New Video for “Murder 1″

“Artists and bands like Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, and Bowie have forged and molded the sound of New Wave. WAZU refuses to have their efforts disappear … [they have] accepted the challenge of creating the New Wave sound for the next generation.”                     -Outside the Dial

Their new video brings great visuals to their single “Murder 1.” Watch it today and prepare for the next big group in New Wave!

The Brute Chorus Shares Their Single Exclusively Through CMJ!

“Those yearning for a taste of what’s brewing across the pond are in luck: the British indie rockers of The Brute Chorus are partnering with CMJ to premier their new single ‘My Testament.’ It’s a song that showcases the band’s blend of rock and blues with ample amounts of fuzzy guitar and bass for good measure. ” Read more of what CMJ has to say, and, of course, grab your free download HERE!

Also, American audiences will get the chance to see the UK group live for the first time ever on March 6th when they make their debut at Pianos in New York City!

Introducing: The Elkcloner

The name may sound familiar, as it bears reference to the first computer virus which was created around 1982. However, in this case, it’s the moniker that award winning composer Filip Mitrovic has taken for his latest project.

Mitrovic is already well known in the film world – he has scored for films such as Resident Evil: Afterlife, The Echo, and Sleep Dealer, as well as MSNBC’S The Lockup and The Squeeze, and HBO’s True Blood.

His latest innovative project is an album based entirely on live recordings and using no samples whatsoever. It’s influenced by Mitrovic’s classical training, as well as popular artists ranging from Tom Waits to Bjork to Miles Davis. It aslo features Chicago-based Jazz vocalist Rose Colella, whose smothe vocals lend well to the complex musical backdrop created by Mitrovic.

Put simply, it’s a project that needs to be heard. Check out this piece in The Deli or visit his Facebook page and listen for yourself.