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You’re Not a Hardgainer! How To Go From Scrawny To Brawny

Scrawny figure

Feeling like your body could do with looking better? After a some guns to show of at the beach? Want to change that scrawny figure into pure brawn? If the answer to these questions is yes then read on for some tips to get your body in shape. Perhaps you already visit a gym and just aren’t seeing the results that you’re after, working hard doesn’t necessarily mean hard gains will come, it’s about working right so here are some helpful pointers to get you from scrawny to brawny. Diet Before even contemplate what kind of workout you’ll be doing…

6 Reasons Why More Dudes Should Do Yoga!


There is a common misconception that practising yoga is only done by women and men who are looking to pick up said women. Fortunately times are beginning to change as more and more men realize the significant benefits that yoga can have on their lives, in case you were wondering what they are then read on to discover why more men should be getting involved in yoga. Improved Flexibility Yoga classes involve slow and sustained stretching of muscles, performing yoga for just a few short weeks will give you added flexibility as your muscles become more elastic and more stretched.…