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How To Make History Relevant Again In The Computer Age

In 1997, President Bill Clinton assembled a science and technology committee to discuss what was necessary to equip schools with better technology to meet the accelerated technological changes in society. His concern was that America would fall behind the rest of the world if it didn’t start to interest its students in the world of technology. Americans would be consumers rather than innovators. Today his ideas have acquired momentum and educators are entertaining the idea of giving children in elementary school a jumpstart on technology by using 3D printing as a resource. In this heady rush to meet the approaching future,…

What would your Superpower be in the Marvel Universe?

Marvel Universe

With the silver screen blockbuster’s keeping everyone busy this season, Superheroes are back to being everyone’s topic of conversation. From Batman vs Superman grossing a whopping $330,360,194, to the X-Men making a triumphant return to the Cinemas, comic book heroes are some of the world’s most loved characters. We’ve made a fun quiz to find out what would your Superpower be in the Marvel Universe? Mobile Casino creators Paddy Power

How to Record Your Screen in Windows 10 with Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Have you ever used any sort of screen capture in the past to record videos from your screen? Nowadays more and more people are starting to do just that and using it to save Skype calls, grab online video streams as well as create their own video content such as guides and tutorials. If you are thinking of recording your screen in Windows 10 but feel a bit apprehensive about what that entails, you should try Movavi Screen Capture Studio. It is the perfect screen recorder for Windows 10 and will make recording your screen seem easy and straightforward. Fully…

Cruise Connection – Getting Online while at Sea


It’s no secret nowadays that an increasing amount of travellers will be packing some kind of smartphone, tablet or laptop in amongst their sunscreen and shades. Alongside this comes the requirement to provide internet access and cell phone reception from all corners of the globe where possible – not just on land. With cruises becoming more and more popular with a variety of different travellers, having online access available to patrons is becoming a necessity while on board the ship as well. Over time, more cruise liners have been joining the ranks among those who offer the services aboard their…

5 Apps for Small Business Success


Getting a small business off of the ground has always been a daunting process, as well as an invigorating and exciting one too. Today’s business world is somewhat of an overcrowded one, with stores and websites clogging up the avenues of customer choice. There is a good chance also that any business started in today’s world is not going to be a unique one, however that shouldn’t faze you, if you can get a good corner of the market. What with the internet and Apps on smartphones, promoting and spreading a business is easy, in terms of tools at least,…

4 Ways How Technology Has Changed Travel


A smartphone is the modern travellers smart best friend. The technology in our pocket has brought huge changes in the way we holiday and with new applications launched every day keeping you moving has never been easier. Here are a few thoughts on how far we’ve come in technology for travel. Who needs humans? Remember the days when booking a holiday meant speaking to a human being? Not any more! Today you can book everything from flights to day trips to hotels at the click of a button. This has brought down prices for the average tourist but really changed…

How Hackers Steal Your Password (It’s Easier Than You Think)


Hacking is an unfortunate part of our modern, connected, online lives. Criminals working online will look to capture your information to access your social media accounts, online banking or email contact lists. They use a few simple methods to harvest this data; here’s how. Keyloggers These tools are installed to your computer and run every time you start your computer. It will log every key you press on your keyboard and create a log that can be downloaded remotely. The hacker will then review this information to look for patterns; such as combinations of words and numbers typed after, for…