Poke Holes in Your Lawn and Solve Problems




Have you noticed bare spots or yellow patches on your lawn? According to TruGreen complaints along this nature are very common. What you may not know, however, is that all you might need is some aeration. If you ask True Green to come in for a lawn service, they may tell you exactly that. And it is likely that they are right!

Why Go with True Green?

Before looking into how poking a few holes might be the solution for you, let’s look into why you might want to sign up with a lawn care service like True Green. What you will see from their reviews is just how customer-centric they are. They don’t just care about lawns, they care about you. If you want the most beautiful lawn around, then read the reviews about their service. While you don’t have to reviews are hugely important to everybody so do comment if you found a particular review helpful as well.

Poke Holes in Your Lawn

Soil compaction happens when the soil is so packed together, that it can no longer let through water, oxygen, and nutrients. As a result, the roots of your grass can’t thrive anymore. When you aerate it, you allow everything to flow again and thereby give your grass everything that it needs.

Find out whether your lawn needs aerating first. Give it lots of water and then stick a screwdriver in it. If this is easy to do, then the soil is in good condition. This means that something else is going. If you find it hard to put the screwdriver in, then you will need to aerate it.

You can core your soil, or you can spike it. When you spike it, you leave all the soil in place, simply poking holes in it. When you core it, you will extract parts of the soil from it. This breaks the soil up even better, but it is a bit more destructive to your lawn and will therefore require further treatment. Sometimes, you may have to completely reseed your lawn.

Now that your lawn has lovely holes in it, your lawn will start to grow beautifully again. Make sure, as well, that you then implement a proper care regimen. Again, True Green will be able to help you with this, making sure your lawn is mowed and fed regularly, and checking you don’t have any other problems that are starting in the meantime. Some of the key things they will be able to do for you include fertilizing your lawn with the right organic products, at the right time, mowing your lawn to the right height appropriate to the season, and more.

A lawn is a beautiful thing. It is used for entertainment, relaxation, and just to make things look beautiful. It is also something that requires a lot of work, however, and that means a lot of time. Time is in short supply, so if you simply want to relax and enjoy what you’ve got, then signing up to a lawn care service is probably the best option.