Fashion Tips For Expecting Mothers

Expecting mothers

Expecting mothers

Pregnancy is an exciting, worrying, fantastic, tiring and generally confusing time in a woman’s life. As your body shape changes you find yourself unsure of not only what will fit, but whether you want to wear it in the first place! Here are a few easy ways to dress for success with a baby bump.

Know your shape

Your body does change when you are pregnant, but not that much! Think about variations on styles that you you already like but don’t be afraid to look around and try something different. You may find that your new curves let you rock a dress you might have avoided before. You will soon see that it’s not a one size fits all process, what looked amazing on your pregnant best friend won’t automatically work for you.

What lies beneath

You will need to have regular bra fittings during your pregnancy – your chest size is definitely going to change. Keep yourself well supported and you are halfway to a great look. It’s also a lovely confidence boost; even if you’re not feeling slinky on the outside some good underwear in soft, breathable fabrics can keep a spring in your step.

Go back to basics

There are a few pieces you will definitely want to invest in like maternity jeans, a pencil skirt, and some tailored trousers with an expandable waistline. These things are practically a godsend and can be easily dressed up and down without spending a fortune.

Block colours are your friend

If you keep it simple and stick to simple, block colours you can streamline your look and draw attention from bits you’re feeling unhappy with. Accessorise as much as you like with scarves and necklaces which draw the eyes up towards your face.

Maxis are made for mums

A stylish maxi dress can be a godsend for a day when you don’t have the time or energy but need to look fantastic. It creates sleek lines down the body and makes your lovely bump a part of the outfit in an accessible but stylish way.

Find your love for flats

This one in an easy choice; heels just won’t give you the support you need as your pregnancy progresses. But there’s no need to look like your grandmother just yet; fashion in flats has come a long way! Choose a few pairs in leather that will give you maximum comfort but in vibrant colours such as green or red. Add a bit of cheeky detail with some sparkle or buckles to keep things fashionable.

As you move through your pregnancy you will find it gets easier to find things you feel comfortable in. And with these easy tips that doesn’t mean you need to back off from your usual style; just adapt and let your look grow with you as your little one does. Remember, you will probably still be in your favourite maternity wear for a little while after baby arrives so invest in a few pieces you really like and you will really reap the benefits.