Introducing: Voltaire Twins

From Société Perrier: “In every era and every genre, siblings have made great music together, keying in on the kind of connection that can only come from sharing the same set of parents and growing up under the same roof. In other words, there’s plenty of precedent for the partnership of Australian brother and sister Jaymes and Tegan Volataire, who come together for the cause of synth-pop under the banner of The Voltaire Twins. The pair’s blend of nu-disco and electro-pop began in earnest in 2008, and last fall their second EP, Romulus, earned attention not only in their homeland, but in plenty of other corners of the globe as well.”

The duo is already generating lots of buzz for their unique brand of synth-pop. They were recently featured in Filter Magazine’s Discover the Undiscovered feature, and debuted at #36 on the U.S. college radio charts. If you’re into finding up-and-coming bands before they get huge, you should definitely give Voltaire Twins a listen.