Big love for Immigrant Union!

I Can't Return

Big news for Immigrant Union this week.  They ranked in the TOP 10 on KKBB Tracker  and we need to acknowledge some of you who made it happen.   A big thank you goes out to,

Tim Pyles at IND.FM, Mr. Shovel at KCSN2, Dead Air Dave at KEBF, Brian Joens at KFMG, Donny Fandango at KPNT,  Mookie at IND.FM2, KXRN & KPRI, Chris Payne at KRZQ, Pauly Kover at KXTE, Axe at WLKK, Jade at RIFF2, Amber at WPNH2 and DJ LLU at WRUV.

Tune into these stations to catch I Can’t Return and War Is Peace, or better yet, grab the album, Anyway! and tell us what your favorite track is!


Layne’s new track “I’d Go To Space With You”

Layne releases a catchy new single from her EP “Warrior”. Audio Femme says the track is “an upbeat, anthemic pop jam”. “I’d Go To Space With You” shows Layne’s true talent and we can’t wait to hear the rest of her upcoming EP. Check out the article here: