We Heart Record Store Day: Stand Up And Say No


Stand Up And Say No:

“For me, the record store symbolizes human contact without the filter of a keyboard or of a touch screen.  The experience of walking into a store and have a knowledgeable human being (not an algorithm) help me find great music is something I took for granted.  I miss it.”

-Andre Nault, Stand Up And Say No

We Heart Record Store Day: Open Air

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Open Air:

“Being in a band who’s roots are driven from the soul of the classic rock era, we feel that records keep that spirit true and alive in today’s world. With records you get the full picture of what the band has put into it. You can feel their energy in it and it’s an experience rather than a cursory listen, which you don’t get with downloaded music. There is something much more intimate about listening to a record and getting lost in the rhythms of the music. A record is not something you can just delete off of your computer, it is a piece of art that has stood the test of time and will continue to be the backbone and inspiration for future musicians and music fans alike. So please keep record stores alive and rockin’!!” -Josh Hearnden. Open Air

We Heart Record Store Day: Owenstone



Before moving down to LA, I raided my dad’s record collection, filled with amazing treasures from “Abraxis” to “Thriller” and an unhealthy supply of Streisand. Since then every garage sale, record store, and thrift shop I come across I have a compulsive necessity to venture in and search through as many titles as I can in the most meticulous way. I love the fact that it is a personal experience and gets the listener physically engaged in the art rather than just tuning in and tuning out. The fact that vinyl is back as a legitimate medium makes it that much more exciting to create music that people can be involved in. On my wall at home I have “Dark Side of the Moon,” “Songs In The Key Of Life,” “Hotel California,” “Abbey Road,” “Thriller,” and a signed copy of “Piano Man.” They are reminders of what music used to be and the continued tradition of which I take part. – Gerry Doot, Ownestone

We Heart Record Store Day: Resistor

I’ve always thought of myself as a deep listener more than a broad one, so I tend to keep going back to my favorite records rather than constantly seeking new ones. But every time I visit Portland, OR, I make a trip to Powell’s books and Everyday Music, and in my mind those two places meld to form something magical like the Library of Babel from Borges, containing all possible combinations of words and music, waiting to be discovered by the right person. I could never leave empty handed. - Steve, Resistor