6 Don’ts to Consider Before Modifying Your Car

All of us love to adopt new styles and look different from others. Isn’t it fascinating that we can change our look and beautify ourselves? Just a little stroke of makeup or some haircut, and you look different. Don’t you wish it was this easy to reshape your car as well?

While you may not be qualified enough to put some “makeup” on your car, there are professionals who can. They won’t just stop at modifying the exterior of your car, but they will also help you make some mechanical changes to enhance the performance too.

While it may sound fun, but car modifications, if not done right, can be risky at times. Here are the 6 Don’ts you need to consider before modifying your car.

  • Loud Exhausts:Imagine it is 2:00 am, and you wake up with a deafening noise coming from someone riding a bike or a car. Not only you but everyone will find it unpleasant and disturbing.

Loud Exhausts is one of the most common modifications people do to sound great, but it is illegal, especially if the noise level is above the specified limit. It can land you in jail as well.

  • Altering Emissions:The emissions of your car are directly linked to its speed and over-all mechanical performance. However, some people would do it to blow a plume of smoke into other people’s faces just to have some fun.

Altering emissions is a common car modification people make these days but tampering with emission control is illegal across the globe as it violates the environmental norms. It can be dangerous if not done correctly, and you may be booked under the Clean Air act.

  • Nitrous Oxide:If you are a car enthusiast and love to sprint along the streets of Sydney, you might have heard about Nitrous Oxide or NOS. Though it is an old technology, you can augment your automobile power using this technology.

Nitrous Oxide boosts the supply of oxygen in the engine that empowers the machinery into combusting more fuel. Though it is not illegal to use Nitrous Oxide, it requires expertise. We would recommend you only consult experts like Automoda Alfa Romeo Garage to get the work done or else the result could be disastrous.

  • Suspension upgrade:Upgrading your car’s suspension is an excellent way to boost the stability of the car. Many car owners like to upgrade the suspension to suit their driving style, and this mod also helps them handle the car in a better way. Although it is not illegal to modify the suspension, it may violate the manufacturer’s warranty for a new car.
  • Brake Upgrade:If the engine is the heart of a car, then, the brake is the brain. Your brake systems would decide the course, the speed, and the fate of your vehicle in addition to your fate too. Your safety while driving a car depends mostly on the brakes. Many car owners like to upgrade the brakes for more safety.
  • However, it can go completely wrong, and you may not be able to control the car with a modified brake as they tend to fail. You may end up banging anything and everything which could be precarious.
  • Electrical and Mechanical modification:You may modify your car to give it a completely new look and enhance the performance just how you dreamt it should be, and with all these changes in place, you may even manage to escape the legal repercussions.

However, there is every chance that you may violate the manufacturer’s warranty and insurance terms when you make certain electrical and mechanical modifications.

Imagine you have spent a fortune and bought a new Fiat car and made some tampering to make it more attractive and upgrade the performance. Unfortunately, you met an accident and the car got damaged badly.

Now, both the manufacturer and insurance company deny helping because you have violated their terms. In such a situation, you will have no other way but to spend more money to get it repaired.


Many car enthusiasts love to see people admiring their cars and make some changes to improve power, control, etc. Although there’s no harm in doing so, if done right; but the result could be destructive at times. This article is a guide to inform you about the repercussions. We hope you find it useful.