8 Reasons to Hire a Car Accident Attorney After You Are Injured in a Car Accident

There’s a lot to worry about after being injured in a car accident. Besides the obvious pain and suffering, you may be dealing with hospital bills, physical therapy, and even recurring thoughts and nightmares about the accident. If you are like most car accident survivors, you may have a hard time returning to normal life. Getting a lawyer is probably the last thing on your mind. 

If another driver was involved, they probably have insurance. Your own insurance may offer coverage as well. So why get an attorney involved? Well, besides helping you navigate the complex insurance industry bureaucracy, they might help you get a larger settlement. They will know the steps for filing for a claim and are probably familiar with your insurance provider. So, here are 8 reasons to hire a car accident attorney after you are injured in a car accident:

1) Ticking Clock

The statute of limitations in Nevada for filing a claim is two years after your accident. If something prevents you from making a claim by that deadline, you probably won’t get a settlement.

2) Preserving Evidence 

The accident scene will be cleaned up, the memories of witnesses will fade, and your injuries will heal. Hiring an attorney quickly will insure your case is well documented.

3) Investigative Support 

A law firm can request documents from insurance companies, photograph the scene, and conduct interviews. Although you or a family member can do some of those things, a lawyer or firm-hired investigator will have a much easier time collecting witness statements. 

People who are uncomfortable talking to someone involved in a car accident are more likely to confide in a disinterested third party. The more evidence accumulated, the better your chance of getting a reasonable settlement. 

4) Experience Counts 

Your injury can affect the rest of your life. An experienced car accident lawyer has spent years, even decades working with medical experts who can determine the extent of your injuries. They have probably seen cases similar to yours and are adept at getting all the documentation your case requires, from accident reports to medical records. 

5) Insurance Companies Need to Make Money

If you have never dealt with an insurance adjuster before, then you are vulnerable. You may want to sign their settlement agreement quickly so you can get compensated. Doing so without a lawyer can be a mistake. That’s because once you sign away your right to sue, you’ll be stuck with whatever compensation they have offered. 

6) Your Lawyer Won’t Wait

Insurance companies usually aren’t required to offer a settlement until you pursue recovery. This means the money that could be in your bank account is in theirs instead––collecting interest, while you collect hospital bills and “Get Well Soon” cards. 

7) Lawsuits Can Be Expensive

Building a case and filing the necessary documents requires time and money. Most experienced car accident lawyers don’t charge a fee up front; they handle everything and only make money if you receive a settlement. 

This means you not only won’t have to spend money on an attorney, but you also won’t have to come up with the cash to cover investigators, paralegals, and the many others who can help build your case.

8) If You Wait, You Could Be on Your Own

Lawyers like to develop their cases from the beginning. If it’s been months since your accident, they may be unable to collect witness statements. Your injuries may be undocumented. Waiting too long could interfere with your ability to attract a decent lawyer. 

Remember, the best car accident lawyers don’t ask for money up front. Getting qualified legal counsel today means fewer worries tomorrow.