9 Reasons Why Owning A Supercar Just Ain’t That Great


Listen, we’d all love to own a supercar. I mean, driving down the motorway in a vehicle like that is the stuff of dreams, right? But in reality, it’s never usually that simple. Those who are lucky enough to buy a supercar quickly find that it isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. There are plenty of positives, but there are also plenty of negatives, and many will find that ownership simply isn’t feasible.

If you’re in the market for a supercar, we’re going to tell you why it might be better to save your cash for now.



  • Mileage

We all know that insurance premiums on expensive cars are usually astronomical. In fact, you’ll probably find that the insurance costs more than the vehicle itself! And, when you are negotiating that cost, your mileage estimates will be a huge factor. Simply put; people don’t really drive supercars all that much. Do you want to do 30,000+ miles in a year? Hey, it’s your money you’re dealing with. You’re going to end up with a massive insurance bill and a car that is losing value rapidly. We haven’t even mentioned how much petrol you’re going to consume. It’s so much easier to hop in your old Ford Fiesta instead.


  • Security

You’ve got a flashy car. You’re now the ultimate target for would-be thieves who want to pull off a particularly ambitious crime. If you want to leave that thing on your drive all night, you’re a braver person than I am. That’s not all, though. What about when you park? The thing sticks out like an eyesore, attracting attention from anyone who happens to spot it. Criminals might target it. Youths might feel like chucking stuff at it. And, you just never get used to the idea of people staring into your car. “What do you want?! Get out of here.”



  • Convenience

I’ll never forget my first experience with a supercar. I had always idolised these things as the ultimate driving experience. Then, someone brought their new purchase to my house. I sat in it and baulked at the lack of space. Surely, this isn’t it?! I can’t move my feet. I can’t fit anything in the boot. I’m almost too tall to even fit in this thing! You will find some supercars that offer more convenience than others. They aren’t family vehicles, though, and they certainly won’t suit two parents and three kids. In this case, you might just find yourself trading them in for used MPVs on AutoTrader before long.


  • You’re In The Public Eye

You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. That could be interpreted multiple ways when it comes to supercars, and it all depends on your personality. Once you buy a supercar, you’re going to be forced into the public eye. Privacy no longer exists. Everyone wants to take a picture of your car. They want to take your picture, too. And believe me – they’ll keep you talking at a petrol station for as long as they can about your ride. Want to stop at a service station and get a coffee? Good luck getting away quickly. Ultimately, owning a car like this is a bit like dating a celebrity. You’re in this relationship for the car, but you’ve got to deal with all the irritating stuff that comes with it. But, who knows – you might just find yourself beginning to enjoy the celebrity lifestyle.



  • You Won’t Make The Most Of Its Potential

If you’re buying a supercar, you’re almost certainly buying it for its exterior qualities. Most people aren’t going to be investing in these things for racing purposes, for example. They’ll probably be driving them around city streets, where getting above 30mph is a serious challenge. Yeah, there’s a lot of power under that hood, but you’re not going to be able to use it. You can rev your engine as much as you like; a slow-moving supercar just isn’t that impressive. Unless you feel like breaking the law (DON’T do that), you simply can’t make the most of your vehicle’s potential. Was it really worth all that money?


  • Repair Costs Are Extensive

Here’s a brief outlook on what it’s like to buy a supercar from a financial standpoint. You buy the car. If you’re lucky, you’re not bankrupt by this point. Then, you buy the insurance. That’s enough to put you in serious financial jeopardy. Now, you’re scratching around for a spare fiver because you’ve emptied your bank account. This car is delicate, and you do everything in your power to make sure it doesn’t get a scratch. Then, it happens. Some idiot catches your car as they leave a parking space. They didn’t leave a note. The actions of one person have now caused you a severe financial headache. Repair costs on a supercar are always extensive – keep this in mind.



  • So Are The Maintenance Costs

You didn’t think you could just take this thing to dodgy Mike around the corner and get it repaired for £50, did you?! When it comes to maintenance costs, supercars are expensive because they’re so tailored. So, while others don’t look forward to their MOT & services, you’re going to absolutely dread them. They might end up causing a death sentence for your finances. On some vehicles, special component replacement costs can end up in the thousands. Much of the time, it isn’t even your fault. This is all starting to sound very expensive, isn’t it?!


  • You’re Required To Trust People

We mentioned this earlier when talking about repair costs. Before, you probably weren’t so protective over your car. If someone put a small dent in it, you could get fixed quite cheaply. If the paint started to wear off, you probably didn’t even care. Now, every single mark on that vehicle puts negative pound signs in your eyeballs. As careful as you might be, all it takes is one untrustworthy driver to cause financial devastation. It might be someone on their phone who crashes into you due to a lack of concentration. It might be someone dropping their phone on your car while they take a picture. It might even be someone who thinks it’s fun to try and race you. Can you really trust people all that much?!



  • It’s Hard To Actually Enjoy It

Of course, this all depends on the person driving the car. However, you’re likely to find that your overprotective nature prevents you from getting the most out of the vehicle. Picture the scene – you’re riding down the road, enjoying the drive. Then, you see potholes in the road. Now, your attention turns to the potential damage being done to your car. That’s not to mention the person behind you, who’s tailgating you and causing a lot of stress on your part. Then, there’s the car that’s overtaking while the passenger takes a picture of your ride. Shouldn’t they just be focusing on their own journey?! This supercar lark is kinda stressful.

Now, let’s be honest – owning a supercar is really, really, REALLY cool. There are many good reasons why you see them on our streets. But for the everyday man or woman, they’re just not practical. It’s not just the financial aspects either, which are a huge burden in the first place. It’s all the other stuff we’ve mentioned. You find yourself in a position where you have to compromise your life to fit around your new purchase. Is it really worth it? I’ll leave that question up to you, dear reader.