Our favorite automobile video channels on the internet today


While many of us have our favorite television shows covering cars and other vehicles, the nature of media has changed drastically in the past decade or so.

In that time, the influence of the internet has grown so much that many people have cut the cord entirely, and have instead opted to entertain themselves through online avenues such as YouTube.

If you take to the world wide web to get the latest information on cars like Robert Bassam does, be sure to check out the following video channels that specialize in the latest developments in the car industry…

1) Autocraft Media – Vimeo

While YouTube is far more popular, we have found ourselves becoming more obsessed with the offerings that Vimeo has been making available of late, as the production quality of its videos is often far higher then what you will find elsewhere.

Of all the channels we have explored on Vimeo, Autocraft Media is the best of the lot. Although they only have two full length videos presently uploaded, the stories that they have told through their short films represent everything that makes car culture great.

Their features on a 1984 Porsche 930 and a 1987 BMW 325i are vividly beautiful and you should see them as soon as possible. With over 600,000 views between these two videos, we aren’t the only ones that feel this way.

2) SoCalSpeedZone – Vimeo

SoCalSpeedZone is another Vimeo channel that we have taken to lately, as its coverage of the car scene in Southern California makes us want to spend some serious time there.

Between covering car shows in Los Angeles and drives into the Hollywood Hills, this well-produced channel will suck you in as well.

Although none of its videos have gone viral like the ones on Autocraft Media, we suspect it is only a matter of time before they publish a hit that gets spread around the internet.

3) Carfection – YouTube

Despite our love for Vimeo, it is an undeniable fact that YouTube is the king of online video. As such, most video channels featuring cars have their home here.

Carfection is one of the most popular accounts on the site for auto lovers, as it has almost a half a million subscribers, and the videos on the channel have been viewed over 76 million times in the five years of its existence.

Videos range from standard car reviews, to more light-hearted fare that includes racing karts through a closed toy store and drifting a Volvo across a frozen lake.

4) Harry’s Garage – YouTube

Harry’s Garage is another popular YouTube channel that is dedicated towards profiling the latest happenings in the world of automobiles.

With over 150,000 subscribers and over eight million views, Harry’s channel profiles the best fast cars that can be purchased on the market today.

His most recent video talks about the state of the classic car market in 2016 and what can be expected in the year ahead.

If you love wheels that go fast and ones that have been around for a long time, this is the channel for you.