The Advantages Of Buying A Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle – Instead Of A Used Car

If you’re looking for certified pre owned vehicles for sale, you’re making a great decision. Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles are a great compromise between buying a brand-new car, and purchasing a used vehicle.
A CPO vehicle is one that has been serviced and maintained by a dealership after it has been sold or traded-in. Because it has been checked for quality and reliability, it is also usually backed by an extended factory warranty – often for 5+ years or more.

By buying a CPO car, you can save quite a bit of money – but avoid the common pitfalls of buying a used vehicle. Let’s look at a few more of the advantages of buying a CPO car instead of a used vehicle.

  1. Complete Service Records

You will get a complete set of service records when you get your car – including a multi-point inspection checklist prepared by the dealer. This checklist will outline all of the components of the vehicle that have been checked, maintained, repaired, and replaced.

This allows you to understand what has been done to the vehicle, and ensures that each element of its body, engine, and mechanical components is in great shape.

  1. Peace Of Mind

One of the most powerful benefits of buying a CPO vehicle is that it gives you peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about being stuck with a car that has been treated poorly – and that is no longer backed by the factory warranty.

If you bought a used car, for example, and the powertrain warranty ran out – then your transmission failed – you would have to pay to replace it. On the other hand, CPO vehicles provide an extended factory warranty, providing you with more protection.

  1. Extended Warranty Coverage

Typically, the entire warranty coverage of your vehicle is extended – covering things like rust protection, your engine and powertrain, and most other mechanical components.

You can usually expect at least 1 year of warranty comprehensive warranty coverage for mechanical issues, and 5 or more for your powertrain and other major engine components, though this may vary based on the warranty program and the manufacturer.

Also, unlike a used car, you will have the option to extend this warranty coverage for a fee – you can often get comprehensive warranty coverage for up to 5-7 years, which may be worth it for some buyers.

  1. Roadside Assistance And Other Benefits

Often, you will get at least 1 year of roadside assistance with your CPO vehicle. This allows you to get towed at no additional charge – though the monetary value of compensation may vary based on your CPO vehicle.

You also may get benefits like rental car reimbursement, which ensure that you are able to get around while your car is being repaired or serviced.

  1. Lower-Interest Financing

Typically, you will be able to get a good interest rate when financing a certified pre-owned car. This is because the car is known to be in great condition, so the risk of the dealer is lowered. For example, if you don’t pay your loan, the car can be repossessed and resold quickly, because it’s in good shape, and has been certified as a pre-owned vehicle.

That means that you can get APRs as low as 0.9% from some manufacturers, though rates of 2.9%-4% are more common, depending on your credit score.

Buy Certified Pre-Owned – And Enjoy These Benefits!

If you’re in the market for a certified pre-owned car, you’re making a great investment. You can avoid depreciation, get a great interest rate, and extend the warranty coverage of your vehicle – ensuring that it serves you well for years to come. So think about these benefits now, and start browsing CPO vehicles that are right for you.