Top Mods for Audi A4


First released in 1994, the Audi A4 has settled nicely into the role as the automaker’s premier performance sedan. Over the years, from the B5 to the current B9 series, the A4 has consistently remained an in-demand vehicle for a variety of demographics. Whether a doctor seeking a way to spice up her commute, a retiree seeking the perfect mix of sport and affordability, or a young enthusiast in search of a fun, performance, relatively easy tuner project, the A4 appeals to millions.

Today we want to help those young enthusiasts in particular, not that other self-motivated A4 owners won’t learn a thing or two they can do, as well. If you really want to see a boost in performance, you’ll want to plan on upgrading several different parts and systems of the vehicle. That means it’d be worth checking online for stores that have a great selection of Audi performance parts in stock so you can get everything you need from the same place, which often gets you free shipping. In an article of this size we cannot provide the detailed steps necessary in successfully upgrading an Audi A4, but the list below covers the most effective Audi parts upgrades that will give you the most bang for your buck.

Here are the top mods for an Audi A4, whether it’s a B5, B9, or any series in between:

Audi Engine Parts Mods

Performance Cooling Parts

Few in the know will argue against the claim that nowadays Audi is synonymous with quality engine design. However, like all finely-assembled things, Audi’s A4 is not without its various points of weakness. One weak point in particular is an unsatisfactory factory original cold air intake (CAI) system. A4 owners would be wise to opt for a higher-end aftermarket air intake kit designed to draw new air into the system at much higher volumes. Not a major project in terms of hours needed to complete, so it’s a rewarding way to give a little extra boost to your Audi A4.

Turbocharger Parts

Somewhere around 25%-50% of A4s on the road include factory turbocharger parts. The rest could really use that upgrade as the vehicle lacks without it. Make sure you optimize the blow-off valve and spare no expense on the return cooling line— use OEM or genuine Audi parts here if you can. Also, find the proper Audi exhaust manifold configuration according to your turbo mod. Turbocharging an A4 in itself is likely the biggest project to undertake on this list— not to mention the highest price. However, it’s worth every penny, unless of course you can find an A4 Turbo for sale.

Modifying the A4’s Rolling Chassis

Suspension System

Those interested in pushing an A4 to its limits probably want to avoid replacing or installing a high-tech air ride suspension. Instead, opt for standard springs and shocks suspension parts in your Audi. You should know, in order to keep an even wear spread going forward it’s common practice to change out almost all parts of the suspension system if more than one part is already failing. This means a whole slew of replacement Audi parts for your A4’s suspension: sway bar, strut assembly, shock absorber kit and coil spring set just for starters.

Exhaust System

Now time to upgrade performance parts in your Audi’s exhaust system. System kits are available which come with all the exhaust parts and components you need to replace. These upgraded performance exhaust systems not only improve airflow and thus power, but also give the A4’s rear a style upgrade with some new shiny and chrome tailpipes.


Rims, why not? The Internet is packed with nicer options than your current stock set. Better yet, this surplus means the pricing will be low and you’ll have a ton of different styles to choose from so you should have no problem finding a deal on wheels online. Just make sure not to be killed by shipping costs. A mod for vanity to be sure, but what’s wrong with that?

Safety Upgrades

Installing these A4 performance parts all but guarantees you’ll be putting the upgrades to the test on the open road. While we certainly won’t endorse breaking speed limits and other dangerous driving behavior, there’s plenty of places to test out your upgraded automobile on a closed track. Therefore, we recommend modifying an A4 for better safety in addition to improved performance. This means installing parts such as performance brakes and seatbelts, a supertone twin horn kit, and the best lights and lamps money can buy for improved visibility.

The Audi A4 draws attention from many kinds of people. It’s just one of those kinds of cars. Modding one for looks and performance is a way for owners to add their own personality to a superiorly-engineered automobile.