10 Silly Celebrity Oops Situations That Prove We’re All Only Human

Just like you and I, celebrities mess up from time to time too. These silly celebrity oops situations will make you feel better about your unfortunate blunders.

Who do you follow on Instagram? Beyonce? Kanye West?

We follow these celebs online and constantly observe their perfect life, where nothing seems to go wrong. But Psychologists say that the science of “celebrity worship syndrome” is all about perspective.

That means that we view celebrities as perfect beings, not being capable of having cringe-worthy moments.

But in real life, celebs face just as many red-faced moments as we do. Keep reading to find out some of our top celebrity oops moments.

1. When You Don’t Understand the Question

Demi Lovato was asked what her favorite dish was. Demi replied with “I like mugs because they’re very comfortable in your hand and they hold the hot things that you don’t have to touch.”

Hmmm, Demi, I don’t think that’s what he was really asking!

2. Jennifer’s Epic Trip

One of the biggest achievements of Jennifer Lawrence’s career was winning an Academy Award for Best Actress. But she messed it up by getting tangled in her dress and tripping up the stairs.

The best thing about our Jen is that she plays for off with her awkward charm!

3. Justin’s Gibberish

“Despacito” was a massive hit. We all sang along not really knowing the Spanish lyrics. But when Justin forgot the words to his own song, now that’s embarrassing.

4. When You Give the Wrong Award

This was a totally awkward moment that hit headlines all over the world. Everybody majorly cringed over the La La Land and Moonlight mix up.

But Ryan Gosling chose to see the funny side of it all!

5. Giant Cake Fail

Katy Perry is the queen of bizarre props on stage. But a giant cake nearly got the better of her during an energetic performance.

After belly flopping on top of the cake, she just couldn’t get back up while hilariously slipping over in a sea of icing.

6. Kanye’s Not So Cool

When Kanye West walked into a street sign, the paparazzi weren’t far behind and got the full goofy moment all on video!

Instead of letting it go graciously, Kanye got angry at the paps. Which made it all the more hilarious.

7. Nip Slip

Emma Watson is well known for looking flawless 99% of the time. But even Emma had a slip-up!

At the major premiere of “The Perks of being a Wallflower”, she wore a backless number.

Which, as the night went on, almost become frontless too.

8. Bad Hair Day

Another flawless queen is Beyonce. While performing in Quebec, mid-song her hair got caught in one of the stages fans. While the security guards tried to free her she still sang through the painful mishap. What a trooper!

9. Wardrobe Malfunction

Nicki Minaj has her pick of risky outfits, but she was left revealing a bit more than she’d bargained for.

Nicki reappeared on stage after a super quick costume change. But she obviously hadn’t been zipped or buttoned up properly. Poor Nicki was left holding onto her dress to prevent it from bursting open.

10. And the Winner is…Oops

One of the most cringe-worthy oops moments that we’ve ever witnessed is when Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner of Miss Universe.

Literally, the whole world watched the horror unfold as the crown was taken off Miss Colombia’s head and given to Miss Philippines instead!

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Celebrity Oops!

As you can see, celebrity oops situations are all too common! So when we start to think that we’re the only awkward, clumsy ones on the planet, think again!

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