3 Commercial Situations That Call for Serious Construction Equipment

Owning a commercial business comes with no shortage of responsibilities, and not all of them revolve around turning a profit. In addition to running the enterprise from all sides, handling customers, and managing your employees, you also have to keep an eye on the property and contend with any problems that arise. You know to call the electrician when there’s an issue with the power and the plumber when the water’s not working correctly, but how do you handle monumental repairs that occur outside the building?

Paving the Parking Lot

Image via Flickr by Robert Ashworth

While it’s possible to clean and power wash the parking lot yourself, there are limits to what you can do on your own. Contractors have experience with patching potholes, or you could try hot patching trouble spots yourself. Severe damage, however, needs serious equipment. If you have to repave the parking lot, call in the big guns. Get a construction crew. The work calls for several pieces of construction equipment, such as a motor grader, an asphalt mixer, and a road roller.

Repairing the Roof

Commercial roof repairs often call for specific construction equipment because of the magnitude of the work involved. Private roofing jobs generally only require a roofing contractor who can climb up a sturdy ladder. Commercial buildings are typically larger and more expansive than private homes, and the roofs are higher and frequently made from industrial materials rather than shingles and wood. At the very least, the job may require a boom lift to reach the necessary height and to get the necessary tools up there, as well as a forklift to safely transport heavy materials.

A task like this one is probably better served by a construction crew. Whether they have their own equipment isn’t as important as familiarity with commercial properties. Depending on the size of the job, you can possibly save money hiring contractors, but don’t risk it if they aren’t used to this type of work.

Reaching the High Spots

Some fixtures on the building are too high to reach with a ladder, ruling out the DIY approach. From fan repairs to decorative fixtures, these jobs call for equipment that can safely reach those areas. Under these circumstances, you can confidently rent a boom lift and any other equipment on your own, then hire a contracting firm to fix the issue. Just make sure the team you choose has experience with the repairs you need.

Signage is another problem that might need heavy-duty equipment, depending on the location of your sign. Anything right above the front door is probably easy enough for contractors to handle. They shouldn’t need a lot of equipment. Signs that tower over your business are another matter. That job requires a lift, at the very least. A full replacement will require even more tools than that.

Any time you notice structural damage, call in the construction team. For a renovation, however, hire specialized contractors. What’s the messiest problem you’ve ever encountered in your business?