3 Important Things That Stick Out To Recruiters


While going to recruiting events for the sole purposes of finding a job can be difficult and even grueling, it is important to put your best foot forward for any potential position. Here are three things that can impress recruiters and even land you the coveted position:

  1. Set Your Goals: Whether you have an ideal location or an ideal position, recruiters want someone who is passionate about the job. Figure out your needs before approaching recruiters for best results. For instance, if you decide on a job in the Orange County area, it may be best to approach recruiters in Orange County, or recruiters who can connect you to other recruiters that may have a job for you in the area.
  2. Do Your Research: Doing a bit of research about recruiters’ events and the represented firms can earn you a recruiter’s attention, and help save a bit of time. For instance, if you are searching for accounting recruitersat a given event, you should familiarize yourself with their companies and the needs of those companies to make you and your resume stand out from the crowd. Recruiters meet dozens if not hundreds of applicants, which is why a bit of research can go a long way in getting yourself noticed.
  3. Be Friendly: Whether you are approaching recruiters, secretaries, or fellow job seekers, being friendly and courteous will only earn you points. After all, no one wants a rude individual in the work place, and a bad review from any employee may serve as a disqualifying vote for a given position. Company culture has changed with the new millennium, giving people who are pleasant and easy to work with an unspoken advantage over those with equal qualifications.

Giving yourself time to establish your goals, doing a bit of research and reminding yourself to be kind and humble are some of the best ways to get yourself noticed by recruiters. Follow these tips and they may even help you attain your dream job.