4 Business Events That Will Always Interest The Press

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There are certain business events or occurrences that will always attract the interest of the press. If you know what these are, you can use them to their greatest advantage. With the press on your side, you can ensure that these events receive more interest than they typically would. In doing so, you can all but guarantee that more customers are interested in what you’re selling. Let’s look at some of these events and how you can get the press on board.

New Products

New products are always going to be of interest to the press and the public. Particularly, if they are based on new technology or affect it in some way. If you are releasing a new product to the market, you should be advertising this fact to the press and the media. You can do this through press releases. If you distribute a press release, you will immediately gain the attention of journalists. They are constantly on the lookout for new sources of news, and you will have just given them one. When you write a press release, make sure that it highlights key aspects of the product without selling it. Let the press sell your product for you and they will. Since it will appear as news, customers will immediately be interested. It doesn’t even need to be a new product. As long as it seems fresh and exciting, you’ll be able to create an interesting story.

Charity And Goodwill

Another thing that journalists love are feel good stories or something based on their local area. An example of this could be your business donating a lot of money to charity. Or, if the company is setting up a charity event for the local population. Anything like this is sure to attract press interest. You just need to give them a call and let them know it’s happening. If it’s a charity event, we guarantee that there will be journalists to record the event. Once this happens, your business will gain positive publicity. This will add to the brand image of your company.

Success And Recognition

It’s possible that your business has won an award or received recognition for your services in the industry. Make sure that you celebrate this fact and do let the press outlets know. They will want to make sure that people know a local company has reached a high level of success. The press loves celebrating these types of stories, and you might get a lot of publicity. You will be able to demonstrate that your company is a trusted business on the market. There’s no doubt that once that story is released, you’ll find more clients interested in your services.

News Is People

Finally, don’t forget that news is people. For journalists, if it doesn’t affect people it’s not interesting. That’s why you should frame any story around how it will affect customers. Or, how using your products or services could benefit consumers. This makes it targeted to consumers and will ensure the press publish it.