4 Tips For Business Travel

More than anything, today’s competitive market is marked by one thing: mobility. The ability to work in, for example, Seattle and still maintain a satisfactory business relationship with a fellow businessman or businesswoman in Beijing, is a powerful asset that one should never overlook.

Of course, that, although this example may feel exaggerated, it can be applied to any long-distance business relationship.

In business, mobility is key, therefore, it is only rational that any successful businessman may have the traveling experience that guarantees a smooth and successful trip.

When I was initially assigned my first overseas business trip to attend a business event, I felt as ready and as eager as possible. And boy oh boy, was I unprepared for what lay ahead! From missing luggage to missing documents, I have to say my first trip was a complete fiasco. But (and I am happy to share this), after about 10 years of experience, I can now say overseas and long-distance domestic business trips are now my expertise. So, in order to help out those who may be preparing for their first trip, or those who just need a couple tips to achieve maximum professional efficiency while traveling, I have decided to write this article. Although these are just some short tips, I see them as the fundamental steps one must follow to guarantee an accident-free business trip abroad. Without any further ado, here are my tips for business travel:

#1. Travel light, carry your essentials with you at all times

The first rule I learned was simple but painful: luggage goes missing from time to time. From that incident on I always try to carry all my essentials with me! If I am going on a short trip, I prefer to carry only small bag that stays with me the whole flight. On the other hand, if I am staying for a longer period of time, I dispatch a bag, while still carrying a bag with me containing all my important files and a change of clothes in case something happens to my luggage.

#2. Wi-Fi is your best friend…when it’s available

Wi-Fi is the holy grail of traveling in business. The key here is to know when you can take advantage of this amazing tool! Most private jet aircraft are now equipped with Wi-Fi. For example, up until last year, Lisbon’s Airport only allowed 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi per person. Although the situation has since changed, I am sure there are still plenty of airports with limited or even non-existing connection. Before departing, make sure you search if the airport does have Wi-Fi available. If you do not want to take any risks, carrying your own hotspot is also a great idea to access all your business needs.

#3. A power bank is a great investment

It has happened more than once that I’m mid-sentence and my computer shuts down. Running out of battery truly is the worst possible nuisance while traveling. While most airports do have readily available “charging stations” where you can charge all your devices, investing in a power bank can be a marvelous idea! This way, you don’t run the risk of unexpectantly running out of battery during, for example, a long flight.

#4. Preparation is key

Don’t underestimate the power of preparation and organization. Make sure you create a digital folder, or carry with you a special folder, containing all the required paperwork. Don’t be afraid to even create a short checklist in order to ensure you did not forget any important document. It is also highly helpful to always have your schedule readily available, so you can quickly find exactly how much time you have to work during your business trip.

We hope you enjoyed this article and that you found some useful tips which you are ready and eager to put into action on your next business trip!