5 Apps for Small Business Success



Getting a small business off of the ground has always been a daunting process, as well as an invigorating and exciting one too. Today’s business world is somewhat of an overcrowded one, with stores and websites clogging up the avenues of customer choice. There is a good chance also that any business started in today’s world is not going to be a unique one, however that shouldn’t faze you, if you can get a good corner of the market. What with the internet and Apps on smartphones, promoting and spreading a business is easy, in terms of tools at least, despite the risks of steering across the deep waters of numerous other companies, hankering for a piece of that pecuniary pie! So how to thrive in this jungle? Here are five of the best Apps for helping you succeed with a small business.


If you need to video-conference often with customers, or other members of staff throughout the working day or even after hours, then Fuze is a worthwhile option for this. The online meeting App can function on all platforms and even has new versions for iPads and the Samsung Galaxy. Crisp audio and HD streaming offers unlimited conferencing for up to 25 people. Although a Pro version exists that allows 125 participants, costing $15 a month, after completion of a 30-day free trial.


FormMobi is an App that allows gathering and distribution of data, and filling out of forms on the go, so it is ideal for those who need to compile information on the move and on the spot. With features including sound recording, pictures, signature recording and numerous other features, you can collect and collate information on your market from work, home, the beach, on the toilet…


In the modern digital world, it is now easier than ever to send and receive information, plus with people more conscious than ever of cutting down trees to make little cards promoting businesses, Bump offers a handy way around that. Bump let’s users trade information via “bumping” together two smartphones, including such aspects as trading pictures. Which makes sending a virtual business card straightforward and with 8 million users a month, that’s plenty of people to bump your junk around with!


If you are one of those people who are constantly writing out lists and ticking itineraries off (and everyone else for your fastidiousness) then Clear will be the ideal companion for you and your business. Available only for iOS devices, this App ensures that all your tasks and efforts are kept “Clear” for your business by managing lists to organize tasks and set reminders. With pinch, swipe and squeeze functions, the ergonomics of the App are easy and “Clear!” and can be synced easily across all Mac devices from Apple Watch to Mac Desktops. Clear costs $4.99 for iPhones and $9.99 for Mac Desktops.


This handy App has the very nifty function of turning a smartphone into a portable credit and debit card reader. Charging the business 2.75% for every swipe and is subtracted from the purchase automatically, leaving $9.72 for every $10 card purchase. Square has also expanded to Apple Pay also, which will cost users $49 for a one off payment and will take the same cut for every transaction. Plus, if a business earns more than $250,000 per annum, a business can customize the percentage that Square takes. It is available across all platforms and works for all devices.

This is it! There is nothing that stands between you and your success as an entrepreneur, except your determination and the love of your brand. In addition to this and your unerring drive and self-belief, are your little handheld friends and the very useful big brother that is the internet. Set your sail correctly and with some mighty headwinds you can navigate the business world admirably!