5 Business Services Your Startup Needs

Establishing a startup is a daunting task. As a founder, you need to occupy many roles to get your business off the ground. Not only do you need to launch a product or service, but you also need to make sure you and your team are working as efficiently as possible. Explore the following five business services your startup needs to keep your business running smoothly.

Internal Communications System: Slack

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Nothing happens without communication between you and your team. Instead of flooding email inboxes, the communications tool Slack brings all your discussions together in one place that you can search, archive, and use for real-time messages.

The channels feature is perfect for startups since it keeps discussions about specific topics in one place. Anyone who needs information in a specific area knows where to look. You can also easily add and integrate your files from Google Drive or Dropbox, making them accessible and searchable within Slack itself.

Project Management Software: Trello

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Trello is an amazing project management tool perfect for developed businesses and startups alike. The boards on Trello allow team members to work collaboratively and let you view, organize, and rank projects in a simple visual way.

Projects get divided into “boards” where you can add members, create checklists, add attachments, and assign due dates — all of which project members can comment on or use to mark their progress. This app also integrates with other commonly used apps such as Google Drive, Evernote, and Slack.

Proper Systems Functioning: IT Services

You’re going to need to keep your communications safe. Having a solid IT services company like Taylored Systems that offers managed IT solutions keeps your business up and running. You don’t want to finally gain some traction only to lose it with a lost network connection.

Having managed IT services is key to making sure your business network is always running smoothly. Further, these services keep your information secure and backed up.

Analyzing Web Traffic: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful marketing, measurement, and analysis tool. This resource will help you decide what works and what doesn’t for your online presence.

You can use data from Google Analytics to see where your web traffic is coming from, what demographic you’re reaching, and what overall results any digital marketing campaigns have generated. This data lets you know what you should spend more time on, where you should spend advertising money, and, most importantly, what your ROI has been.

Social Media Management: Buffer

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Social media is the newest form of advertising, a media form that allows you to build your brand, communicate with your customers, and gain more reach than a typical magazine or television ad could. As a startup, you need to promote your brand to let potential customers know what you’re about.

While social media is the best way to achieve recognition, being online all the time is impossible. Here’s where Buffer can help you. Buffer allows you to create and schedule your posts ahead of time so that you can develop campaigns, save time, and stay consistent in your posting schedule.

With the above tools in place to help you succeed, now has never been a better time to launch a startup. These services will make sure your business stays organized and focused so that you can rise above your competition.