5 PR Hacks to Get More Exposure Around the World


If you want your brand to be known around the world and dramatically skyrocket your revenues, you need to be proactive in your approach. It is not enough that you have an online presence. You are not alone, and many others are competing for attention. The goal is to standout from everyone else, but it is easier said than done. It can be challenging, which is why it is paramount that you gain familiarisation on some of the strategies that can prove to be highly-effective.

Learn from Others

According to Sherlock Communications, it’s important to learn from what others are doing. For instance, if you want your business to be promoted around the world, research about some of the most successful start-ups that have managed to transcend boundaries. Pay attention to how they create content and how they reach their market. By evaluating their tactics, you will be able to learn exactly what you can do to achieve the same success that they have enjoyed.

Create Pitches

To be able to gain more exposure and media coverage, you need to create customised pitches. Make sure that they are carefully-thought and attractive enough to captivate attention. Keep in mind that many others are also submitting their pitches. The goal is for you to be above all others. Make sure that the story will be appealing to increase the likelihood that it will be picked up by the media. Take a look at different angles so that you will know the best way to have it told. A bit of sensationalising won’t hurt to increase the value of your pitch.

Go Beyond Press Releases

We are living in a time wherein press releases are being obsolete. With this, if you want to gain more attention, you should not rely solely on what a press release can do. Rather, one thing that you can do is to create story ideas. Show your expertise by sharing valuable advice. You will be able to generate attention by showing, and not simply by telling.

Choose the Best Timing

If you want the media to pick up your story, make sure that it is relevant. In this case, when talking about relevance, we refer not only in the value of the content, but it’s timeliness. For instance, if there is any breaking news, make sure that the story will be pitched within 24 hours. Otherwise, the story will no longer matter.

Take Advantage of the Momentum

If you have finally made it in the news or if you have been receiving praise from other people, take advantage of it and share it in your website or social media platforms. You can also share them in newsletters or through email marketing. This will help you to capitalise on the current media mileage that you are enjoying. If you have been written about by different news agencies or if you have appeared in reputable mediums, you can use this to gain more exposure.