5 Reasons Why Video Animation Is Relevant to Your Brand

Source: Unsplash | Hans Eiskonen

Video animation has evolved over the years from only being used in cartoon and movies to now being used in digital media. The animation is used to convey all kinds of content, both online and offline. If your brand is looking to sell and advertise a product or service, the use of animated videos is a very effective way to execute this successfully. Exploring this further, here are five reasons why video animation is the boost that your brand needs.

Video animation is super engaging.

Everyone relates to animation in one way or the other. Most people have watched cartoons at some point in their lives and some people would agree that cartoons are usually easier and faster to understand than movies. For a brand that is trying to explain a process or product, the use of compelling, fun and colourful images is an effective way to engage the target audience better.

Video animation simplifies complex concepts

If your feature topic is somewhat complex and technical, it would be relatively harder to convey this topic to an audience. Say your brand is looking to sell a particular product, it would be difficult for customers to buy if they do not fully understand the working of the product and its features. Animated videos can help to deliver a message in an easy-to-understand way. Every brand needs this.

Production is cost-effective

Live-action videos are relatively more expensive to execute than animated videos. With live-action videos, there is an extensive list of resources to put together to make it happen. Your budget must include scouting for a location, hiring cast and crew, renting equipment, and many others. This already sounds like a lot of money. On the other hand, you could just hire a top video agency like Liquona to produce quality video animation content for your brand without having to stress as much. With little to no logistics and pricing that fits your budget, it’s a win-win.

Animated videos expand your brand’s reach.

They are ideal for all digital marketing channels. Social media plays a key role. It is much easier to reach a wider audience if your content can be easily shared across platforms. A fun and interesting animated video would spread like wildfire no matter what platform it features on. The more likes, retweets and reposts, the further the brand’s message goes.

Improves SEO

Google and Youtube love video animations just as much as people do. A website with animated videos could easily attract a lot more viewers than it normally would. This, in turn, improves your SEO as it ranks higher on Google searches simply because the viewers tend to spend more time on said website. The more time people spend on the website, the higher the traffic stats go.

With animated videos, there are no barriers or restrictions when creating content for your brand. It is an extremely dynamic, flexible and versatile way to tell stories with ease. Agencies like Liquona have an overflowing stream of ideas to help all sectors excel. If this is what you’re trying to achieve with your brand, get on this wave immediately.