5 Tips to Create a Unique Design to Appeal to Your Customers


Running a business successfully in this day and age is no simple task. You need to constantly adapt to new technology and business processes if you want to stay on top. It wasn’t so long ago that owning a computer was considered a luxury, but nowadays, every one of your staff members uses a computer to complete most of their tasks. In addition, we used to make offices that consisted of endless rows of cubicles thinking it would encourage employees to work hard, but we now favour open-style floor plans that promote team work and engagement. Design has also changed significantly over the years, and if you haven’t updated your signs for decades, now might be the ideal time.

Fortunately, there are many sign writers in Perth that can offer expert advice with regards to design, and the most reputable companies offer their services for competitive prices. You don’t want your signs to become outdated within a few years, and you need to get the design right if you want your business to appeal to customers. For those reasons, finding a sign writer you can trust is essential.

Total Sign Co. is one such company that’s earned a reputation for excellence in the Perth area (visit site here). Its professional designers always keep up with the latest trends in design and style, and they exist to help you make your business more modern and appealing. Below, this article will detail five things you should keep in mind when it comes to designing your signs.

Top Tips for Sign Designing

If you get your signs right, you could see a huge increase in customers walking through your doors. Keep these tips in mind if you want your new sign design to be effective:

  • Keep it simple – The most memorable signs and logos are those that are simple. Think about the golden arches, the elegant tick and the apple with a bite missing, and you instantly know which companies they represent.
  • Don’t try to include too much information –You might want to feature your opening hours and a phone number on your sign, but don’t include so much text that people will simply ignore it.
  • Make sure your logo works in black and white –If your sign will feature your logo, you ought to make sure it looks just as good in black and white as it does in colour.
  • Don’t make graphics too busy –If your sign looks confusing or fails to show your business in a good light, your potential customers will look elsewhere.
  • Make logos work well as app symbols –With the digital revolution in mind, it’s a good idea to make your logo work well as an app symbol.

Modernise Your Business

Every business has to make some changes from time to time in order to retain its appeal, and there’s no better place to start than your signs. Just make sure you only trust a reputable sign writer to create a striking design.