A Guide to the Most Essential Office Products for Homebased Workers


Nowadays, people do not have to leave the comforts of their homes to earn a living. Gone are the days when staying at home only means doing household chores or just relaxing and sleeping. Aside from home appliances and furniture, different office products have found their place in houses too. People have already discovered that they can still work and be productive at home. These people are what we call homebased workers.

Being able to work at home is a great thing, especially for mothers, and even fathers, who need to stay at home so that they can look after their kids. It is also beneficial for people with special needs, those who have the ability and the skills to work, but just do not have the means and the capability to go to an office on a daily basis. To be a homebased worker, you need to have the dedication, the skills and the knowledge to do the job and, of course, the tools to make working at home easier.

What Office Products Do You Need to Work at Home?

First, you need to have a space, which will be your designated workstation or office. A spare room would be great, but if you do not have any, a desk is fine. You should also have a comfortable chair which offers ergonomic support and can be adjusted along with your office desk.

Computer and Internet Connection

It is also essential for you to have a computer, or better yet, a laptop which you can carry with you wherever you go. Choose  a model and set up depending on how you intend to use it. For instance, if you are a graphic artist who may be working on multiple projects, then a desktop with multiple monitors may be the best choice for you. On the other hand, if you are a writer who finds inspiration in different situations or environment, then it would be better for you to use a laptop for mobility. Your computer should also have a reliable high-speed internet connection and a backup connection in case of emergencies and you have a deadline to beat.


Homebased workers may be on the phone a lot of times to communicate with team members or clients, and that is why it is important to have a phone and reliable communication system. Aside from your mobile phone or landline, you can also have a soft phone installed in  your computer or use an online VoIP system which you can use for free. A comfortable headset is also essential so that you can last those long conference calls without feeling any strain.

Filing, Records Keeping, and Organizing

Keeping your home office organized is also important for you to work at your best. Some items that may come in handy are desk organizers, a planner with a calendar where you can plot in important dates and write down notes, and a small whiteboard or wall planner. To save space and paper, it is better to have a paperless environment and keep your files on your computer or in an external storage. However, if papers and other documents are necessary, you can opt for a small filing system at home such as as a file folder or a mini cabinet.

Working at home can be a breeze if you have the proper mindset, skills,  and the time to accomplish everything. A comfortable space and the right office products to use in accomplishing your work can even make your job easier.