Audrey Gelman – Private Habits of CEOs

CEO and entrepreneur Audrey Gelman has been at the top of her industry for many years, and is very much someone who is outspoken about her successful lifestyle. we often hear about CEOs and how they share similar skills which take them to the heights they’ve found, and it is certainly true that the do share many characteristics. What some don’t realize however is that these shared skills don’t stop in the workplace, and there are in fact many similar behaviors which most CEOs have. Here are just some examples of what those private habits of CEOs are.


Despite how hard they work in their business, we very often see CEO with additional jobs away from the workplace. Usually these are roles such as board positions for charities or even advisors  for another philanthropic adventure. Ultimately these men and women are leaders, and they are able use those skills to do great work for other organizations and on other projects.


Whilst it would be wrong to say that all CEOs are in great shape, the large majority are very fit and will ensure that they get a workout in each day. For so many CEOs this is not just about staying healthy, it is also a great tool to ensure that they can deal with the stresses and strains which come with the position they are in.


The remark that people make about CEOs reading 5 books per week or some similar claim, is not the case for many, if any, CEO. What we can say about these men and women however is that they very much have a desire to learn and a thirst for knowledge. Whether it is listening to a podcast, reading a book or going to meetings with fellow kinds, these CEOs never rest on their laurels and are in fact keen to increase their knowledge and improve their breadth of education. This is a great skill which got them to where they are, which is why they will continue to push for mores

The Simple Life

Whilst many of us may consider the life of a CEO to be one full of fine dining and wine bars, the reality is in fact very different. Most CEOs speak in interviews about placing a much higher focus on simplicity away from work. Ultimately these are professionals who operate based on a tight routine, getting up and eating or going to work at the same time every day. Owing to this routine, the idea of spending time wining a dining simply isn’t one to consider, as it would disrupt that routine.

We often get much wrong when we create images in our mind of how certain people live their life, and when it comes to CEOs this is normally the case. The reality is far more simple than most of us realize and this is also something which so many CEOs have in common. These men and women place work first, and life second.