Beyond Break-Fix – The Power Of Proactive IT Companies

In the world of IT, it can often be difficult to stop minor problems before they become crises – and this is the cause of quite a bit of expensive downtime. It’s estimated that the cost of downtime in all businesses worldwide exceeds $1.25-2.5 billion worldwide.

Because of this, it’s important to do everything you can to prevent downtime in your business – and maximize profitability.

In this article, we’ll examine some of the biggest benefits of proactive IT. Proactive IT helps you recognize issues with servers, network infrastructure, and other such issues before they become a major problem – which results in a number of different benefits.

Learn more about what proactive IT can do for you, and whether or not an outsourced IT support company is right for your particular needs!

  1. Reduced Downtime

Of course, this is the single largest benefit of proactive IT. When you choose to be proactive and fix issues before they bring your systems to a halt, you benefit from dramatically reduced downtime.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – and that’s especially true in the world of IT. If you partner with an outsourced IT consulting Vancouver support company, that specializes in recognizing common issues before they become more serious, you’ll be able to run your business much more effectively.

  1. Less Strain On Your IT Team

Break-fix IT has high costs – especially for your workers. When a piece of mission-critical infrastructure goes down without warning, your IT team is going to be working around the clock to restore its functionality. That means late nights, weekends, early mornings, and more – until the problem is solved.

This isn’t good for morale, or for the productivity of your workers. They’ll be constantly occupied with fixing the latest broken system – and they may have to ignore other day-to-day tasks like helpdesk support, database administration, and more.

By being proactive, you can avoid this issue altogether, and catch most major issues before they progress.

  1. Higher Profitability

Doing more with less is one of the best ways to increase profitability. That’s one reason that more companies than ever are outsourcing most of their IT operations, and choosing to have only a few in-house IT staff.

By hiring an outsourced IT company that specializes in proactive IT, you can increase efficiency while decreasing costs – and that adds up to a higher ROI for your IT budget!

Partnering with an outsourced company also means that you have more flexibility. If you have a larger project that requires more personnel, you can quickly hire more IT professionals – and if you need to cut your budget down, you can simply reduce the number of outsourced staff that you are using. It’s just that easy!

  1. More Efficient, Reliable Systems

Reliability and efficiency are key to higher workplace productivity. Workers need the right tools for their jobs – and they need their systems to be reliable, efficient, and readily available whenever they need them.

With the power of proactive IT, you will be able to ensure that all of your most important databases, development environments, websites, and software are free from major problems. In turn, this allows employees to boost their productivity quite a bit. This results in higher profits, a more lean and effective company, and increased growth – all of which are key for success in the highly-competitive business world.

Get Proactive – And Ditch The “Break-Fix” Attitude!

In a break-fix IT environment, your staff is stressed, busy, and constantly running from task to task – just to keep your systems running. But with the power of proactive IT – whether in-house or outsourced – you can get past this attitude, and begin enjoying all of the above benefits. So get started with proactive IT today – and see what it can do for you!