Define Your Personal Space For Creativity

Have you ever needed workspace, but didn’t have the assets to secure the right kind? Apartments and housing are expensive, as is renting an office. But where’s a better place to be alone, and properly creative? Can you make music when those who don’t understand are hovering all around? How about art, or craftsmanship?


Multiple Applications

As it turns out, it’s not just artists, entrepreneurs, and private craftsmen who excel when they have a proper space to work. According to the Harvard Business Review, employees are also going to exhibit better performance when they can control their space.

Malleable production area is at a premium not only because it’s more convenient, but because it yields higher output from individuals and groups working together. While this increased performance can sometimes cover expenses like renting or owning property designed for output, oftentimes individuals and businesses spend too much unnecessarily.

Mobile Workspace

One option that is increasingly popular in 2016 is the concept of mobile employees in a network. Imagine you’ve got a position where all employees really need to do is take inbound calls and rely on a script. Customer service and certain sales positions are often this way. Do you really need that 5,000 square foot, $20k/month level of the Boeing building downtown?

Why not instead use a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) with automated, built-in backup and recovery? Your employees can be hired and fired from the comfort of your own home and an internet connection. Additionally, they can work in their own home, and will be more productive. You save $20k a year, and make more money as a result.

Define Your Personal Space For Creativity, And Affordably A Common Dilemma

Commissioning Cost-Effective Space

As building materials become more technologically profound, they become less expensive to manufacture while retaining exceptional strength. According to American Steel Span, their line of steel garage building solutions are strong enough to “protect your classic or luxury cars in winds of up to 150 MPH.”

Now a garage isn’t large, but you could fit a ten person sales team in there with a couple cubicles. There are only a few regions in the United States where you won’t be able to keep the building warm enough—cooling it down will probably be your main concern, but prefab buildings can come with windows, and you can put a fan in front of some ice.

Caulk floors and supporting struts, drill a hole with a rubber stopper for a power line, bring in some carpet, posters, desks, and speakers; suddenly you’ve got your own office. You don’t have to “MacGyver” an old garage, either; there are actually prefabricated steel buildings on the market as well that can be put to any use you’d like.

If you can use an option like this to conserve resources, it will allow you to increase profit margins on your business, facilitating better revenue for you and employees. As a creative space, having a garage or prefab steel construct on your property can afford you with greater opportunities than another owned or rented space would.

A Less-Expensive Investment

It’s to your benefit to find options for work and creative space that require the least possible expenditure. There are always unforeseen expenses in business. Areas where you can trim the fat while maintaining streamlined, efficient operations should not be left to stagnate.

So do a little research! What works best for you; a mobile option? Going with inexpensive prefabricated solutions? Or is there yet a third alternative you’ve found curtails resource loss while encouraging your own personal growth? The point is, you don’t have to waste money on over-expensive space just because that’s the norm.

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