Finding the Best Official Autodesk Reseller



Many companies these days have discovered that software with the vaunted Autodesk brand can really help them in their endeavors. But you can’t get the software from any official Autodesk reseller. Each reseller is different and some are decidedly better than the others.

So which reseller is the best for your company? There are several ways you can determine this. Keep an eye out for the following signs:

  1. They offer the programs you need. This is an obvious first sign to look for. They should at least be able to offer AutoCAD. They should also be able to offer Vault, Inventor, and Revit.
  2. They offer discounts. If you’re looking a two sellers – find out which seller offers a lower price. They may even have software bundles that are cheaper to buy together than if you buy each program separately. These bundles can be meant for various special needs, such as for construction and architecture, product design, or for 3D animation.
  3. They can help determine the best software that will help you achieve your goals. The best resellers can meet with you to discuss your needs and see if and how they can help you. Of course, this should be a friendly meeting, and there should be no fee for this.

The people they send should be good enough to fully comprehend your specific goals when you explain it to them, and they can ask pertinent questions to clarify matters. Then afterwards they can then give you a proposal on how they can help you succeed.

  1. They provide the training for the software. Getting and using new software can often be disruptive for users, so it’s to your benefit if you can minimize the learning curve. This means you need to have your people learn the intricacies of the new programs as quickly as possible. You can shorten this time if the reseller also offers training programs for the software.

This training program should be tailored specifically for your company. It shouldn’t be a generic template that they trot out for every client. It should be matched to your needs and circumstances.

There should also be options as to where and how this training is held. They can have a place for instruction in their premises or they can send instructors to your place. They should also be able to offer remote mentoring and live video instruction if that’s the most convenient for you.

  1. Technical support. At the very least, their website should have a library vault of manuals and FAQs that you can consult anytime. Other options include remote virtual assistance and toll-free calls. If you have to email them, their replies should be quick too.

When it comes to the best official Autodesk reseller, aim to get more than just excellent programs. You should get excellent service too.