Four Reasons to Invest in a Dedicated Server

Do you have an online business or a company website? Does your business rely heavily on sending and receiving information via the internet? If so, you need a dedicated server. A dedicated server will benefit your business in many ways. Here are four reasons why you should invest in a dedicated server:

A dedicated server is reliable.

One of the biggest problems with a shared server is that other websites may take up your bandwidth and cause your website and the server itself to crash. With a dedicated server, you don’t have to worry about this. You can send and receive large files, run your website smoothly, and welcome large volumes of traffic easily. You can even host video streaming and use high-quality images on your website without the fear of your server crashing. This is particularly beneficial to businesses that have online stores because you want to be able to showcase your products with crisp images and upload video campaigns that will encourage customers to make a purchase.

A dedicated server is flexible.

A shared server is less flexible because other users are on it. You don’t have control over the configuration of the server, which limits your ability to customize. On the other hand, a dedicated server gives you full control over the configuration of the server. As your business expands and your needs change, you have the freedom to make adjustments that will best suit your growing business.

A dedicated server is secure.

Most people fear that a shared server is not secure enough, given that multiple users are on it. A shared server creates the possibility that one of the users in the server will try to enter your website and steal sensitive information about your business. A dedicated server removes this fear because you have the server to yourself. Imagine sharing an apartment with strangers versus buying your own house—this is what a shared server versus a dedicated server looks like.

A dedicated server is higher performing.

Because a dedicated server is reliable, flexible and secure, you can be sure that it is also high-performing. The reliability of a dedicated server allows you to post high quality images and videos without worrying about malfunctions or crashes. The flexibility gives you the freedom to customize based on your needs. Lastly, the security it offers gives you the confidence to store, share and receive files without no worries about potential hackers or security breaches from other users. You’ll be able to elevate both your and your customers’ experiences with the website if you invest in a dedicated server hosting service like Memset.

Aside from these amazing benefits, a custom firewall, an advanced round-the-clock monitoring, vulnerability scanning, managed backups and unlimited support also come with a dedicated server package. Furthermore, a dedicated server hosting service can be improved with a managed platform that gives you technical assistance, a virtual private network that allows you to communicate across servers using an encrypted connection, and a cross-site cluster that maintains high availability on your network.