Hitting Refresh is the Most Popular Button for 2020

A Fresh Website for a Fresh Business

So here we are in the twenties and it’s safe to say your web presence has had to be a main focus for pretty much 80% of the year when it comes to generating new business.

If you were one of those people who spends their time at networking events or business functions apologising for your website when people are requesting for it, then chances are this is the time to hit launch on that rebrand or refresh of your website.

What can you do to give that fresh coat of pixels an outstanding surge of activity?

Get the Most From Your Posts

If you are spending more time at home than at the office then it’s time to communicate the way everyone is and that is by generating engaging content in the form of blogs and articles.

Best not to overthink this by throwing in everything you can think of. Your posts should be simple and enticing enough to direct to sections of your website relevant to that article. No one wants to learn your business, they just want to know what you can do, how fast you can do it and why you are the one who should do it.

Dangle the carrot and let them enquire with the questions. From there you can guide them to some successful business for yourself.

Be Bold and get a Little Attitude

Don’t be coy if you are the business to be utilising.

A satisfied customer is more than willing to give you a testimonial on your fantastic work for them. This is something that speaks to a customer from a customer and in most cases their recommendation is much stronger than your selling.

Now you can probably get over 100 testimonials but statistically only the first 5 will be read by a browsing client, so make sure that they are articulate and different when it comes to your work done for them.

If you provide many services then showcase them with success and stand proud of it.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Social

“Ah, I don’t do Facebook.”

That is said by many business owners. However you don’t need to have a personal profile to be able to benefit from the vast marketplace social media attracts.

Setting up a business profile on facebook or Linkedin gives you access to millions of

potential customers and clients who can come across your business posts, offers and updates. You can also have many people sharing your posts to generate larger amounts of traffic to your website.

People have utilised social media to establish brands and even gain large followers from just being personal with how they operate their business. This would be worth attracting a business following whilst still choosing to stay away from personal profiles.

Push a Little Further

You may be a long way away from leading brands but you can still find a competitive edge right up there with them.

Search engines like Google offer up every business under the sun but with Search Engine Optimization (SEO as it’s abbreviated) you can pay to have your business identified by keywords and apparent in specific searches for products and services.

Look into your specialties and focus on what aspects really drive your business. Is there something unique you bring to the table? Throw that in as a keyword along with the more identifiable and sought after aspects.

After all, that one person looking for something unique may be the best find the internet brings to your door.

There are many things you could look into to refresh your identity that are not too strenuous to achieve. One decision that could really maximise your business online would be working with digital agencies to maintain a growing online identity with responsive web design all the way to SEO. Stockport website design companies have been experts in building brands for over two decades with exceptional digital mastery.

Feel as refreshed as your next customer by giving your company a little online TLC.