How Can I Boost My Website’s Conversion Rate?


necessarily mean getting page viewers to purchase your products, it could be as simple as getting them to sign up for your mailing list. Basically, you want to get your visitors to take action on your site.

There are numerous web design tips that can help improve a site’s conversion rate. Most focus on the landing page. You really only have a matter of seconds to capture your customers, or there’ll go elsewhere (so if your website takes 10 seconds to load, that might be a good starting point). As a result, redesigning a landing page is critical when an existing conversion rate just isn’t up to par.

Add Your Client’s Logos

Seeing examples of those who your company has helped could be a key deciding factor for some of your customers. It doesn’t only show that you receive (and conduct) ample business, but it also adds a sense of respect and accountability. Just think, if you go into a physical store and it’s completely empty, you may wonder if there’s a reason for it. Whereas if the floor is full of shoppers, it shows popularity. This is obviously harder to mirror online, but if you can present examples of customers on your site, it could have a similar effect. However, assure you consult with clients first on whether they would be happy for you to add them to your website.

Feedback Input

Because just about anything can be put on the Internet and made to appear like a viable business, consumers and clients often look for feedback as a barometer of a trustworthy website. Having key feedback right on a landing page adds the convincing element right away, which can then help to increase further reading and conversions.

Add a Motivator

For years, traditional business have often used incentives to get people to come into their store, for example a discount or freebie with every purchase. For a website, the motivator could be a link on a social account to a helpful free tool (or blog post) on your site. If these get click throughs, it could lead to many conversions if the reader utilises what you offered to them. Additionally, the social link can be shared around to attract more customers.

Go Mobile

For conversions to go up in this day and age, your website is going to have to be optimised for mobile users. Because so many people use their smartphones to browse the web, poor mobile design will divert them away. There’s vast amounts of help available to enable you to achieve this, from how-to guides to professionals like a Hampshire web design agency, don’t do it alone if you don’t know how to do it.

Anticipate Stupidity

Don’t assume that everyone visiting your website has the same amount of knowledge as you, or your web designer. For conversions to happen or to be increased, a business has to anticipate that readers may not be able to figure everything out. Far more simple instructions and expectations often work far better with getting people to react, than complicated affairs that require heavy thinking. Don’t be afraid to embrace simplicity.

In Summary

Boosting conversion often involves thinking ahead on how website readers will behave. By keeping things simple and direct, rates often improve. Research your market and see what is working for your competitors, then you can start to strengthen your website.