How to Become a YouTube Superstar


YouTube has made it incredibly easy for just about anyone with a cellphone to be able to star in their very own videos. Whatever talent it is that you think that you have got, you can present it to the World as long as you have an internet connection, a YouTube account and a cellphone or camera. Many people who have a special ability in front of the camera, people like the enigmatic prophet TB Joshua a man who captivates so much with his sermons and teachings that he has amassed over 600 million views on YouTube, have gained a huge audience from their YouTube success and even made a great deal of money. If you want to improve your chances of becoming a superstar on the website then here are some tip stop help you do so.

Be Engaging

You need to give people a reason to watch your videos and in order to get them to keep coming back you will need to be engaging. Ask yourself why people should watch your videos, are you funny? Thought provoking? Raising important points or giving great advice? These are the types of videos that you need to be creating in order to gain interest and get people coming back to your channel more often.

Be Consistent

If you want to really be a YouTube sensation then you are going to need to be posting quality content on a regular basis. You may find that in the beginning you have very few views, this is to be expected and you should not be put off by this, the key is to keep posting and doing so with regularity. Posting twice weekly, on the same days each week is also a great way to build anticipation once you have some popularity, you will find that people will be waiting patiently for the next video of yours, the perfect way to become popular very quickly.

Use Social Channels

There is no way that you are going to be able to simply create a video, post it to YouTube and become famous over night, you must use social media to drive your videos. The search engine on YouTube is pretty scatty so you are unlikely to get too many views via that method. The best option for you is to create an account on many different social media platforms and use them to tell the World about your latest video. In order to get the most success you should be regularly active on social media and engage as often as possible with people who are liking and sharing your stuff. Another great tip is to speak with influencers on social media, try to strike up a bond with them and hopefully they can share your stuff in the future.

Simply put, becoming a YouTube star is about creating great quality content, posting regularly and working hard to get your stuff shared all over the World.