Independent Powersports F&I Providers Offer Great Benefits to Dealers

If you have a dealership that sells Powersports vehicles, you likely have your hands full trying to keep your business successful. Although the market for these vehicles has exploded due to a heightened interest in outdoor activities and industries like the X-Games sports leagues that show the fun and excitement you can have on motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles and other powered vehicles that use handlebars and where the rider is in a prone position, managing a business selling them is rife with challenges.

First, there is selecting the right products supplied by the right companies. Many Powersports vehicle companies are small and they can often have financial problems leading to issues with new models and good service. Selecting the right products and suppliers can make all the difference.

Next is finding sales people who are experienced in demonstrating the benefits and qualities of these vehicles. These sales people must also be able to present your vehicles to customers in a way that gets them to buy.

Finally, the dealer must make sure that customers have access to the best financing insurance and service warranty contracts. For this last area of the business, dealers should know that Independent Powersports F&I providers offer great benefits.

Protect the Dealer’s Business

Providing financing and insurance is a complicated business and many things can go wrong during the process. A good amount of these things can put the dealer and his dealership at risk. For instance accurate information must be taken from customers and proper background checks performed. The customer must have a valid driver’s license, adequate insurance, confirmed ownership of any traded vehicles, and either funds available and/or financing in place for the dealership may be paid for the newly sold Powersports vehicle.

Make Sure that They Close the Sale

An independent Powersports F&I provider will make sure that the financing and insurance being made available fits with the price point and needs of the customer. By offering a range of products, independent Powersports F&I providers can custom tailor a package that customers will respond to positively. The dealer gains the benefit of having a wide range of options to offer, while being able to call on experts who can answer any questions and put aside any objections a customer might have.

Make Sure that the Dealer is Legally Compliant

Independent Powersports F&I providers have an in-depth understanding of the legal guidelines that need to be followed when providing financing and insurance. They include both how these products are sold, and what must be offered. They make it their business to follow these guidelines to the letter. This is very important, because if a dealer is non-compliant, it can lead to fines or worse.

Dealers spend a lot of time and money to develop and keep a good reputation. If any illegalities occur at a dealership, particularly around financing or Insurance, it can cause the dealer’s brand to be damaged.

Make Sure the Dealer is Profitable

At the end of the day, the real goal is to make sure that the dealership is profitable for each transaction. Quite often the sell price of a vehicle does not allow for much profit. Profit however can be increased with financing, extended service contracts, guaranteed asset protection, credit life and disability insurance and other products. The independent Powersports F&I provider offers these products to the dealer and a chance to increase the profits on each sale.

When Powersports dealers use an independent Powersports F&I provider, the benefits gained can add to the success of their business.