Interdependence PR, The PR Team Which Really Delivers

Public relations is something which is becoming more and more important for businesses to focus on as reputations mean more than ever before. It is for this reason why my company decided to outsource our PR and begin to use the wonderful Interdependence PR, a team which has taken our business forward and to new levels of success. I often hear colleagues and friends in the industry talk about how difficult it is to get the right PR firm, which is why I am so pleased that we chose the team at Interdependence. This is a company with a great reputation and here is how they have managed to achieve that.


The reason why many PR firms don’t work with some businesses is that they don’t understand their clients or the marketplace in which they operate. This is mots certainly not the case with Interdependence and since our very first meeting they have shown that they understand precisely what our company is all about and most importantly, how to speak to our clients and consumers. This is vital as not all industries and sectors can be dealt with in the same way, you must ensure that your PR firm understands this.


When you are designing a pitch or working on a media campaign you need to really focus on being as creative as possible in order to get the best reaction to your campaign. This is where Interdependence really stand out and they work tirelessly on creating some of the freshest and out-of-the-box ideas which have helped our business to reach more people and to gain the upper hand over the competition. I love that Interdependence don’t just go through the motions and repeat things that have worked in the past, they are always thinking of new ways to deliver and that is why they have been so beneficial for this business.


Something which I hadn’t thought about before hiring Interdependence public relations was the number of contacts which they had. This of course has helped us massively and through their contacts within the media in particular we have been able to really ramp up our operations and the increase how wide our message reaches. A solid PR firm should have a good list of contacts which it can depend on and help your business.

Delivering Results

Ultimately there is one factor above all others when considering what a PR firm can do for you and that is results, something which Interdependence specialize in delivering. We saw results within the first month of working with the team and ever since we consistently see them reach goals and achieve all of the things which we set out to. No matter whether it is a product launch, crisis management or a social media campaign, the team here have been exceptional in terms of delivering everything that we had hoped for.