Ken Julian Discusses Fantasy Football

Ken Julian loves to discuss football, politics, and anything else on Twitter. He has followed the NFL since 1970, loves to play fantasy football, and listens to games on the radio. He describes himself as a “Conservative Republican” who is not afraid to speak his mind into the Twitterverse.

Here’s what Ken had to say recently when we caught up with him…

How did you become a football fan?

I got hooked on the AFL in 1966. When I was a kid, my Dad used to get home from work at 4:00 pm, and until 8 or 8:30, he would watch the Giants play baseball while eating dinner. After that, he would keep an eye on the TV for the football scores. I remember him saying that the Jets were beating the Chiefs 37-28 in the living room one night in 1968 (I was 5), and he couldn’t have cared less who won a baseball game, so we watched football ever since!

Who is your team?

I’m a Giants guy. Dyed-in-the-wool Giants. As close to a lifer as there is in fan terms. My brother and I have been season ticket holders since 1981—two of the best seats at Giants Stadium for over two decades.

How did you become interested in fantasy football?

I had played “pro” since 1992, but my interest in it increased when the leagues became more competitive and online drafts started offering prizes to winners. The first year I paid a fee to play was 2001, so texting wasn’t even around yet!

What is your approach to fantasy football?

I’m a high-risk, high-reward player. I would rather win my matchup every week and lose the league than just make it to the championship. It’s not that I don’t like money, but winning is more important to me than anything else.

How did you come up with your team name (Team Elite)?

When I started playing, it was customary to post your handles if you were in league with people you didn’t know. I would enter mine as “kenjulianelite,” and then every fantasy site I went to had the wrong handle for me. So eventually, I just made my team name “Team Elite.” I guess that could mean a lot of things. To me, it just refers to the fact that my teams are elite compared to those in my leagues, at least for a while! It’s also an obvious knock at Tom Brady and his “Team Tom.”

How has Twitter impacted your fantasy football experience?

Twitter has been big for me. Because I’ve dealt with fantasy football so much over the years, people look to me as an expert, and I often get asked questions by others who are not in my leagues but follow my tweets. It’s also great because you can build relationships with people through it, some of whom have become terrific friends!

What is your top tip for fantasy football players?

I’ve got tons of them! But one thing you can’t afford to do is be in more than one league. When you have too many, it’s hard to follow all the games, and bad things happen, like guys getting dropped due to injury when they play, or you miss out on a trade because you were on a conference call.