People Who Made Millions From Nothing


If you are ever feeling uninspired or lacking in motivation then you only need to look at one of the stories of some of the most successful people in the World to refocus your energy. There are so many inspirational stories throughout the World of business and celebrity of people who have come from nothing and turned their lives into incredible successes. Today we are going to take a look at just some of those people who started with nothing and made millions.

Robert Bassam

Robert Bassam is the highly successful CEO of Eastern Automotive Company, the Washington-based car dealership which makes over $300 million in revenue each and every year. Assam started the business in his 20s after selling two cars to co-workers which he had picked up for $50 each at a local Salvation Army, he sold the cars for $50 each. Assam wasn’t born with a silver spoon though, on the contrary, he grew up on welfare and food stamps and until he hit the big time with his business was scratching a living in a Mexican restaurant.


The man the World knows as Jay-Z grew up in the tough Marcy projects in Brooklyn. Young Shawn Carter fell into the World of crime as many from the projects did and began selling crack cocaine after his dreams of being a rapper failed. After the shooting of a close friend, Carter decided to pump his drug money into the creation of his own record label which would both get him out of the drug game and into the rap game. The move proved to be successful for Jay-Z who has since amassed a fortune of over $500 million, has his own clothing line and sports agency company as well as still being the owner of the record company which he set up all those years ago.

Jan Koum

Jan Koum is the founder of the messaging application Whatsapp, the app that has turned the young Koum into a billionaire. Things weren’t always so fortunate for Jan however and as a young boy growing up in the post-Soviet Ukraine, the young Koum was forced to work as a janitor and clean floors in order to make enough money to support himself and his disabled mother. Koum immigrated to the United States and wanted to create the application so that people all over the World could connect with each other with absolute freedom, a personal endeavor of his after much of the communication in Soviet Russia was monitored. After the incredible success of Whatspp, Koum, now 41 has amassed a fortune of over $19 billion and is widely regarded as one of the most important faces in the World of technology.

If you think that you have been dealt a pretty rough hand then these stories just go to show you that if you work hard and smart then one day you could tip the scales in our favor.