Promoting Your Business Using Adwords

The world of advertising has evolved dramatically since the inception of the internet. Businesses no longer depend solely on traditional mediums of communication like television, radio and newspaper for advertising. Almost 90% of profitable advertisements are generated via the online world where brands get to interact directly with their specific target customer base. Internet advert models ensure that businesses do not waste scarce resources, reaching out to the public in the hopes of converting the visitors to customers and making a sale. The process has been streamlined thanks to online advertising. It is cheaper, more efficient and more personal.

The miracle that is Adwords

One of the primary methods of online advertising today is Adwords. It is an online advertising strategy created by Google in which brands pay to have their short advertisements, videos and products listing displayed to target customers or web users. These services are offered through a pay per click system where the advertisers pay each time a user clicks on and views their advert. Target customers are found by using cookies and keywords they are likely to use when searching for products and services online.

The efficacy of Adwords in online advertising

Adwords are the main source of goggles revenue-generating billions of dollars in clicks each year. Its efficacy cannot be denied as more and more businesses have hitched their wagon to this very effective and lucrative form of advertisement. They hire the services of a credible Adwords agency like Broadplace to set up a good pay per click plan that ensures prospective customers find their products and services.

Why use Adwords in promoting a business?


Adwords are a cost-effective form of advertising if not the most affordable. Traditional mediums of advertisement run into hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars to finance and the results compared to Adwords are minimal. With Adwords, there is value for every dollar spent. The cost implication is much less, and brands can reach out to more people.

Targets specific customers

Adwords are a target specific type of advertisement. Using options like keywords and cookies, brands can filter out their prospective customers from the masses and channel their energy towards converting them and making sales. Every business has a customer type based on age, gender, financial capacity, and so on. It is most profitable for a business to target people who are more likely to purchase a product than those who are not.

Instant exposure and brand visibility

The internet is a crowded place. Outside of proper advertising, businesses can drown in the sea of colleagues and competitors alike. Adwords gives brands instant exposure to their target market. It ensures that the word gets out there to the ones who need to hear it and in doing so brings visibility to the brand. Proper advertising ensures that the brand stands out from its competitors and is crystal clear about what it is offering its customers in exchange for their coins. Visibility also generates traffic to the businesses’ website. The more users visit the site, the higher the chances of conversion and making a profit from sales.


Adwords is vital to any business with an online presence. Its many perks are such a huge advantage to brands, and it is one of the primary ways businesses are built today. Advertising agencies specializing in Adwords are rife, but for the absolute best guaranteed to bring about brand visibility and generate money-making traffic, Broadplace still stands supreme.