Is Relocating For Work Worth It?



Relocating to a different city for work is a big step for many people and is a decision which should not be taken lightly. There are many pros and cons to consider before signing on the dotted line to accept a promotion or a new job offer. Before hiring a removal company in Perth and making the move, take some time to read this helpful guide about the upsides and downsides of accepting a job in a new city. Some of these points may seem more trivial than others, but each one can have a large amount of influence on the final decision.


The New City May Be Far Away From Friends And Relatives

Whilst moving to a new city can be exciting, it may be far away from friends and relatives. This can make some people feel isolated and may put a strain on family ties. Weigh up whether this sense of homesickness is worth the move.

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The New City Could Have A Higher Cost Of Living

Sometimes, moving for work means a better-paid job with more responsibilities. However, despite this rise in wages, the new city could have a higher cost of living. This could make it harder for people to save money for the future and may lead to people being worse off than where they were before.

The New City May Not Live Up To The Hype

Moving to a bigger city can make people feel excited and may cause people to raise their expectations. However, sometimes a move can turn into an anti-climax because the new city isn’t as amazing as the person thought it would be.


A Chance To See A New City

Moving in order to take a job gives people the opportunity to explore brand new surroundings and call another city home. Whilst it may take some time to settle in initially, a new city will eventually start to feel like home if people are open-minded enough. Moving will give friends and relatives the chance to visit and then they can experience the city for themselves. If the new city is bigger than the old one, people can feel energised and could take up new interests that they didn’t have before.

There may be more opportunities for career development and networking in the new city.

A ‘Fresh Start’

Routine can sometimes cause people to become bored or even depressed. Driving down the same streets every day and going to the same shops can be tiring. Moving to the new city is a

The Commute Can Be Shorter

If people are staying in the same job but moving closer to work, this will make commuting a lot easier and will allow people to spend more time with their friends and family. Striking a healthy work-home balance is important to long-term health and could contribute to people feeling more alert during the working week. Travelling long distances can be tiring, so the move may be convenient.

Use this guide to help make a decision on whether to move for work.