Resume Making Services – The Heroes of Job Hunting

While you’re counting your pennies inside the piggy bank you were gifted at age five, dry cleaning your interview clothes at the cheapest laundry mat in town, and checking the local ads for job opportunities while sipping a reheated day-old coffee, you come to one conclusion: it is a tough world out there.

People graduate college or begin searching for a new job to better their life and their families, but the problem is, jobs can be scarce in any field one may be looking in. According to recent surveys, 98% of job seekers are eliminated based on their resumes alone. Those people never even get to the interview stage.

If you’ve applied to many jobs, with no luck on your side and zero interviews scheduled, the problem may not be you as a person or your particular skill set, but how you present yourself before a one-on-one conversation can even begin.

When searching for a job, especially a dream job, resumes are everything. They’re what slides your foot in the door and convinces a company that you are uniquely qualified for the opening position. It’s the piece (or pieces) of paper that persuade the employer why they need you. You want them to be excited, you want them to believe, without a doubt, that you’re the right man or woman for the job.

Hiring a professional resume-making service is worth forking over the gathered pennies from your grungy twenty-year-old clay pig, because in the long run, you’ll have that job and the extra income it comes with.

Most individuals believe they can handle their resume on their own. In some cases, it’s true, like those 2% of people in the previous statistic who get past the resume review stage. But generally, the average job seeker is not equipped to construct a professional looking resume. You only get one chance to persuade a company to interview you, and you need to make that chance count.

If you’re still not convinced that hiring a professional resume writing service is the right choice for you, consider the following points:


Proper grammar is a skill not everyone possesses, but it is extremely important that your resume has it. You could be the best coder a company has ever seen, but if your resume is littered with typos, punctuation errors, and dangling modifiers, it will be relegated to the scrap heap.

Most people struggle with the fundamentals of grammar, and that’s okay. But why stress over it when looking for a job is daunting enough?

A professional resume service’s strength is proper grammar. They keep their superhero cape hung on its own rack, right next to their desk. Use the tools available to you and consider hiring a service who knows what they’re doing when it comes to the intricacies of the English language.

Lack of Time or Experience

You have three kids hugging your ankles, a wife who wants a date night, and parents who need your help mowing the lawn. Your superhero cape is worn and tattered due to a busy life, and the nightmares you’re having about that terrible resume saved on your computer is enough to drive you over the edge.

Job hunting is stressful enough, and when it comes to writing your own resume, you’re not experienced. Let’s be honest – how many times in your life have you written a resume? Probably not many. Leave it to the professionals who can write one in their sleep.

Trends & ATS Bouncers

Just like shoes, home décor, and football teams, resumes have trends, and rightfully so. Searching for the current trends will get you nowhere and waste your precious time. Retire your cape – give it a break.

Only someone in this field is aware of what will grab an employer’s attention. A professional resume writer will know how to format properly, especially for businesses that use an ATS.

An ATS is an application tracking system. Think of it like a bouncer at a club. You could be overqualified for the job, but if it’s not constructed in the proper format, your resume will never make it past the ATS bouncer.

Bragging Isn’t for Everyone

Not everyone likes to brag about themselves – in fact, most cringe at the thought.

Or perhaps you’re aware you brag too much, because you’re that dang good. There’s nothing wrong with that; there’s no shame in being excellent at what you do, but the last thing you want is a company believing you’re too full of yourself. No one will hire an egotistical expert, no matter how good they are.

A professional resume writer is skilled in making job-seekers look extraordinary by a few simple well-placed words, without seeming egotistical. They know what to include and exclude, even if you’ve been out of a job for a while, raising the tiny humans you created.

Hang up your tattered cape and hire a professional resume service – the true heroes in the job-seeking world. They’ll get you passed the ATS bouncers, and into that coveted 2% who get to the interview stage. Take a load off your shoulders during a stressful job hunt and let the pros handle this part of the journey in your career trajectory.