Study Revealed How Advertising Influences 90 Percent of Consumers to Buy

Advertising has always been (and will always be) an integral part of any business’s marketing campaign. The ad world has been spreading to different media and evolving over the years. Marketers continue to get smart and innovative about convincing people to buy, which is why we have been experiencing increased growth in advertising returns.

A recent study just confirmed the importance and value of advertising. It shows that advertising converts almost every consumer, convincing 90% in total to make purchases. Specifically, the study shows that 81% of millenials (people born from the 1980’s to 2000) and 57% of baby boomers (people aged 55 and older), were influenced into buying through advertising.

Advertising has grown from merely focusing on the selling points of products and services to covering ideals, branding, and pain points of prospective consumers. It has also gone on to take on many subtle forms through sponsorships, charities and competitions. It’s now a blend of selling products and creating brand awareness.

Marketers and business heads, especially in the UK, understand the impact of advertising on any enterprise. Which is why the UK is the leading country in advertising expenditure throughout Europe and fourth in the entire world.

Although businesses need not be entirely carried away from the needs of often overlooked strategies like insurance coverage (even for advertising), they shouldn’t also reduce focus on the sector.

Why advertising strategies have to evolve

A research once showed how millenials don’t react to old methods of advertising. This one comes as no surprise as the demographic is completely attached to smart technology being born and raised in a technological world. With every new generation – and the advancements in technology – interests and focus witness changes, which goes on to have ripple effects on the advertising world.

This is why most advertising strategies have shifted from the old norms and have adopted a multi-pronged approach in targeting prospects. And the figures show that it is working.

But print and traditional means shouldn’t be brushed off just yet

The research from clutch, which surveyed 1,030 Americans showed that consumers still regard traditional advertising means, with TV adverts seen as the most trustworthy.

Although the trend in the UK shows otherwise, digital advertising having overshadowed TV and print since 2010, it doesn’t mean those channels should be completely shut down.

Every business has ideal customers and as such should streamline their ad campaigns to said category of people. For some, TV would be more ideal than radio or print, for others, the internet is the place to focus on. Yet overall, going at it through multiple relevant channels remains the best approach.

The experience continues in store

If you are a retail business, don’t let advertising stop once consumers arrive at the store. Use the opportunity to link to other areas of the business or international outlets.

Brands such as Victoria’s Secret and Emporio Armani make use of video advertising in-store with forthcoming collections displayed, so the consumer can see what to purchase the following season.

In-store and online merge both areas of the customer journey, by making sure the in-store experience is well looked after with trained staff, adequate business insurance and an inviting premises –  positive word of mouth can form as an effective method of advertising. 


Advertising the right way will always determine how much business you’re getting. This is why you need to take your ad campaigns seriously to minimise gaffes that will hurt your brand image. Remember that the goal is to convince people to buy and not to chase them off. Also, do not neglect the multi-channel approach. The internet is gaining ground which shows that you should naturally adopt hefty campaigns through that medium, but without keeping a blind eye to media where your prospects are visiting.