The Absolute Best Time to Send Your Next Email Campaign

Source: Unsplash | Krsto Jevtic

Have you ever wondered what is the best time for sending emails campaigns?

Or even the best day of the week? Or the best day of the month?

Don’t mistake email campaign for just any email, here we specifically mean campaigns and newsletters that you send to promote your product and services.

Identifying the best time to send your next email campaign is an integral part of your email marketing strategy.

It will help you scale up your return on interest (ROI), click-through-rate, and more.

That’s why, in this article, we will talk about the absolute best time to send your emails.

1. The best time of the day to send emails

Most marketers struggle with this question.

When should they send their next email campaign to make sure it gets opened. What’s the best time of the day to send your email?

Another important thing that one needs to consider is the time zone. Which time zone should you go by; should you consider the Pacific Time? Central? And so forth!

If you know the time zone of the majority of your target audience, then you are obviously welcome to go by that specific time zone. However, if you don’t know what time zone your audience resides in, then it’s better to go with the Eastern time zone.

Here are some important findings of the best time to send emails:

  • 8 am turned out to be the best time of the day to send your email campaign. Campaigns sent at 8 am had an open rate of 20.32% and a click-through rate of 7.79%.
  • Email campaigns sent at 5 pm showed the best results when it comes to the other rate with an average order rate of 10.66 orders per campaign.

2. The best days of the week to send emails

As important it is to identify what is the best time of the day to send emails, it is equally important to identify the days of the week to send emails — especially for those who send weekly email newsletters.

According to a research report by Omnisend, Thursday turned out to be the best day of the week to share your email campaign, followed by Tuesday.

However, there’s a common myth amid marketers; some of them tend to believe that since Monday is the start of the week, it is the best day to send your email campaign.

That’s a whole lot of eyewash! Why?

For one, Monday is the time when people mostly spend checking countless emails that they received over the weekend. Your client is likely to be too swamped by other emails to even bother about your newsletter.

That’s why Thursday or Tuesday is your best bet.

3. The best days of the month to send emails

Not every brand sends email campaigns according to a weekly routine. Smaller brands with limited resources and wanting to generate the best results choose to send emails based on a monthly routine.

According to a research report, sending email campaigns at the very beginning of the month is more lucrative than any other time of the month.

The above chart indicates that the 5th, 12th, and the 7th of the month are great options to share your email marketing campaign.

If we see the overall performance of the days in a month, then we can witness this result:

  1. Days 1-10 of the month:

Open rate: 18.56%

CTR: 5.59%

Orders 7.16

  1. Days 11-20 of the month:

Open rate: 18.55%

CTR: 5.92%

Orders: 6.96

  1. Days 21-31 of the month:

Open rate: 17.87%

CTR: 5.24%

Orders: 6.67

Wrap up

Optimizing your email campaigns to make them more lucrative than ever before is your top priority.

To make sure that your open rates are not abysmal, it is imperative to send them on the time when your target audience is available. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time and resources.

However, don’t follow the above statistics blindly. Perform an A/B test and then check the results on your own email list and target audience.