The impact of dull décor and office design on employee engagement

Looking for cost-effective ways to improve the overall morale of your business and stimulate employee engagement? Thinking about sprucing up your office with a little bit of paint work or even transitioning to an open plan workspace? The style and atmosphere within your business can have huge benefits on the productivity and happiness of your staff. Maris Interiors are experts in creating contemporary office solutions in-line with the current company culture of your business, we can provide consultations and inspiration for your office-space at a cost-effective price. Here are just a few ways your office décor can have an impact on your business and improve employee engagement.

What impact can dull décor have on employee engagement?

Nobody wants to associate their place of work with misery and depression, so why adhere to the traditional norms of a grey and dull office? After all, you wouldn’t have it in your own home so why follow so-called professional standards and mimic this in your workplace? Dull décor and closed off working cubicles can be detrimental to creativity and productivity for your staff, which is not conducive to creating a workspace where off-the-wall ideas are encouraged that could potential help expand your business.

How to improve your décor efficiently?

Improving your décor doesn’t have to be the expensive refurbishment that it’s constantly made out to be. Office renovations can be completed by Maris in-line with your budget and a bit left over and are extremely efficient in transforming the whole outlook of your business. Whether it’s a full-scale renovation involving furniture and partitioning walls or you’re simply looking to spruce up the place with a brighter lick of paint, there are many cost-effective refurbishments used by Maris to help your business transform and meet your productivity goals.

What’s good about open plan?

More and more businesses are beginning to opt for the open plan office. But why? Maybe businesses are beginning to realise that employees want more from their working day rather than just turning up and doing their job. While cubicle seating may be beneficial for regimented call-centre jobs it’s not beneficial to create an atmosphere of inclusion, team-work and creativity. Why not split your office up into different teams or departments? Stats prove that more ideas are generated when your employees are working together towards one common and realised goal.

Your business strategy and company goals need to be met by whatever means necessary. And if that means renovating your office to improve productivity and morale then so be it. Company culture is an important aspect of 21st century business life, and if you’re looking to grow it’s vital that you show yourself off as a great place to work. On the back of this you will atract staff who want to work for your brand, not just the paycheck at the end of each month.