Things which are unlikely to happen – but might!

Many people think that specific things may not happen in their life because such happenings may pose a minimal probability. However, although such elements may rarely occur, chances of happening to you are still there because they happen to other human beings just like you. For instance, while the chances you’ll win the lottery jackpot are slim, people keep succeeding in the game. Apart from the lottery, other things rarely happen to many people, but their chances are still there. Keep reading to discover things that are unlikely to happen, but might.

Contracting Ebola in the US

Chances of contracting an Ebola disease in the US are minimal as compared to someone staying in West Africa countries. Studies show that the chances of contracting the virus are 1 in 13.3 million. However, in a country like Monrovia, the probability of contracting the virus is 1 in 5,000.

Dying in an airplane accident

According to NPR, the odds of dying in a plane crash are 1 in 11 million. However, PBS offers a frightening probability of 1 in 1 million.

Becoming the Warren Buffett of this world

Many people dream of becoming super-rich like Warren Buffett. However, the probability of attaining that level is 1 in 785,000. Studies show that the chances of increasing your wealth by over $340,000 in America are 5-6 percent. This is especially if you’re in the middle or upper social classes. Even with the slim prospects of becoming millionaires, many Americans still believe that they can beat the odds and emerge as super-rich. Studies by Gallup in 2003 showed that one-fifth of Americans were optimistic that they would be millionaires within ten years.

Becoming a US president

According to Baer, the probability of becoming a US president is 1 in 10 million. However, the chances increase abnormally for ages between 40 and 72. The odds are also high for law school graduates, religious, male, and military veterans.

Becoming a saint

Baer indicates that the chances of being canonized are 1 in 20 million. The possibilities are so minimal; however, you can increase them by becoming a pope.

Becoming an Astronaut

Professional astronauts spend most of their time behind their computers doing calculations. The chance of becoming an astronaut in America is, however, 1 in 12.1 million.

Becoming a film star

According to Baer, the chances of becoming a movie star are 1in 1.5million. The probability is higher compared to the one of winning in a lottery jackpot.

Getting Audited

The probability of being audited in America is 1 in 175. This means that more than anything else, you’re likely to be inspected. However, you can decrease the probability of being audited if you report your income and accurately file your taxes. The poor also have minimal chances of being audited.

Demise by Hot tap water

Chances that you may be killed by hot water tap are 1 in 5 million.

In life, there are certain things that people think that the chances of happening to them are slim. Examples of such happenings are listed and elaborated above.