How To Turn Your Muse Into a Successful Full Time website

Turning what we are passionate about into a successful full time website is something that many people seek to do. Many do try but unfortunately many do fail, but what is the reason some make it big whilst others fade away?

We got in contact with the amazing people over at to find out the secrets to their success. Lol football is a hugely popular satirical sports website that is booming at the moment, it goes from strength to strength on a daily basis – so we couldn’t think of anyone better to get pearls of wisdom from.

Success is not just about how many people read your articles but also how you can profit financially from your hard work. Here are some great tips to help you on that journey.

Be your own brand

The first thing you have to do is identify what your blog is and how it will have an identity your readers can relate to. Every piece of content you produce has to be well researched, very well written and have your readers needs in mind. Successful blogs find their voice and that always makes a big difference.

Meet a need

There is no point in doing what thousands of other blogs are doing well already. So identify a need, it could be something that you have tried to find yourself in the past and then create the solution.

Identify your audience

You have to target a specific audience, don’t be too broad because you want your content to relate to your readers. It’s never a bad idea to target an audience that may have money to spend if you start producing merchandise!

Be disciplined

People think that starting a blog is easy, that may be the case at first, but you need to be disciplined and make sure that you are always updating your site, your social media and working as hard as you can. Your readers need to be able to rely on you, rely on the fact that on a specific day each week there will be a notification in their inbox telling them about your latest article. Without discipline there is no way that your blog can ever take the next step to being successful – remember that you’re competing with other blogs, magazines and newspapers, so to beat the competition you need to start outworking them!